FPro G gun: innovation in 445g of aluminium

FPro G gun: innovation in 445g of aluminium

SAMES Kremin completes its premium range of low-pressure paint spray guns with the FPro G, a gravity-fed model that stands out for its ergonomics, high application quality and disposable cups. It will delight the most demanding users.

Intended for general industry and professional bodyworker, the FPro G promises its future users a very high level of finishing.

Its number one asset: the vortex technology. The rotating paint stream is dispersed into finer droplets, resulting in a more even spray pattern and a better transfer rate. Result: a flawless application, without “orange peel” effect, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Ergonomics: 40% less trigger effort

The FPro G has also been designed for user comfort. At 445 grams for the forged aluminium body, it is among the lightest guns on the market. The curves of its handle and trigger adapt themselves to the hand and fingers, the center of gravity is perfectly balanced.

A major innovation is added: thanks to a magnetic assistance, the trigger force at the end of the stroke is reduced by 40%.

It weighs no more than 900 grams, compared to more than 1.4 kilograms for the best competing guns. In case of intensive use, the difference in comfort will be major.

Disposable cups optimized for mixing and storage

The gun itself can be combined with two 0.6-liter rigid buckets (one regular, one pressurized) and two disposable buckets (250 and 750 ml) with which Sames Kremlin intends to challenge the hegemony of the main market player. It also offers a range of adapters for most gravity guns.

These disposable cups are rounded at the top: mixing the paint is easier, accumulation in dead zones is impossible, and the end result is better. They are light: 100 grams lighter than the rigid version. They are equipped with a watertight lid for storage without drying between uses: ideal for frequent color changes.

A complete premium low pressure range

The FPro G replaces Sames Kremlin’s M22G and, despite its many innovations, will be sold at the same price as its main competitors. Available in 4 versions (HVLP, LPLV, conventional and pressurized), it is offered with six nozzles with a diameter of 1.2 to 2.2 mm. Sames Kremlin thus has a complete premium range: a gravity gun, a pressure gun (FPro P) and a suction gun (FPro S).

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