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Galvatech unveils advanced hot dip galvanising facility, redefining corrosion protection services in the WC

By Larry Claasen

Belville-based Galvatech’s new galvanising facility enables it to take on bigger projects.

In a significant move, Galvatech, a Belville-based corrosion protection service provider, launched its new hot dip galvanising facility in Cape Town, South Africa early 2024. 

The new advanced facility, which replaces the old one that has been around for about 30 years, utilises modern technology to improve efficiencies and has expanded the group’s capabilities.

Bigger kettle. Bigger jobs

Galvatech’s offers a comprehensive range of services, including hot dip galvanising, Abrasive Grit-blasting, Industrial Painting, Zinc Metal Spraying, and various powder coatings, providing a holistic solution in the field of corrosion prevention.

With its old facility, the group was previously seen as a mid-sized operator. But a key feature of its new facility, the installation of a 14 m zinc kettle, now enables Galvatech to handle significantly larger articles as well as larger projects.

“Our previous facility limited our capacity for larger projects due to equipment constraints. With the installation of the 14 m zinc kettle at our new facility, we can now undertake more substantial projects and compete effectively on large-volume contracts,” says Galvatech GM Marcel le Roux.

“We can now handle large structural steel fabricators’ requirements and galvanise building trusses up to 13 m in length, which was previously unattainable,” he adds.

Three decades combined with global best practice 

The new facility also enables Galvatech to be more competitive in some of the region’s rapidly growing industries.

“With our enhanced capacity and capabilities, we can now actively engage in hot dip galvanising for solar power projects, including hot dip galvanising of large-scale structural components used in solar panel mounting systems and support structures.”

The technical enhancements at Galvatech’s new facility have improved the group’s efficiency and productivity with automation of certain processes as well as increased throughput capacity.
“Our new facility integrates three decades of experience in hot dip galvanising with global best practices. The facility boasts enhanced automation, a larger zinc kettle, a 14 m compared to the previous 7,5 m, and significantly increased throughput capacity,” says le Roux.

The combination of modern technology and its own experience can be seen in the new facility’s layout, now enabling a modern hot dip galvanising processes, creating a loop system and optimising efficiency.

A distinctive pattern

Products galvanised at Galvatech also have a distinctive pattern on them.

“Our coatings exhibit a unique visual pattern, a result of extensive research and process enhancements to improve its appearance while maintaining SANS 121 certification.”


The new state-of-the-art facility, which is just across the road from its old one, is the most modern of its kind in South Africa..

“The new Galvatech facility represents a significant advancement in hot dip galvanising technology in South Africa, potentially ranking among the most advanced facilities in South Africa.”

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Galvatech has equipped its new facility with advanced extraction systems and scrubbers to minimise emissions and comply with regulations. 

“Environmental compliance is a top priority,” says le Roux.

Aside from the technological advancements of the facility, its expansive lay-down area offers practical benefits like accommodating large vehicles and storage of large volume projects. 

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