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Advanced feed mixer improves dairy cattle health 

Choosing the right feeding system can mean the difference between a thriving herd or one that just exists according to Dylan Eagleston who recently made the switch to a Trioliet feed mixer.

The Stockton Farm is a dairy farm based in Creighton KwaZulu Natal where Eagleston has used the Trioliet Feeding Wagon for several months where the precise cutting and mixing mechanism as well as rugged construction of the feed mixer provides more precise mixes with less fuss and drastically improved reliability. 

The speed at which it works also frees time for his workers to concentrate on other important aspects rather than spending most of the day batching and feeding his prized cattle. 

Trioliet Feeding Technology equipment is produced in the Netherlands for the global agricultural industry and is available exclusively from Smith Power Equipment in South Africa. With dealers nationwide, the feeders have quickly found a footing with a variety of different livestock farmers including cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs.

These are rugged and well-built feeders according to Smith Power Equipment’s product  manager Herman Meintjes, who explains that the combination of high-quality blade materials, thicker drive shafts and advanced mixing and cutting mechanisms mean that the machines are far more durable than traditional equipment, can operate while stationery if needed. Its two-speed gearbox allows lower power output than equivalent sized mixers. 

The combination means considerably faster output and has the capability to dose a wide range of additional feeds such as teff, lucerne and other supplements. Eagleston says the 900 cattle animals on his farm are well nourished due to the available settings on the feed mixer which allows feed to be sized according to requirements that may vary throughout the year and growth cycles of his cattle.

“Having used a traditional older technology feed mixer for some years we made the move to the Triolet Feeding Wagon and have not looked back. There aren’t enough hours in the day for farmers and equipment that actually saves time, effort and gets the job done better than the previous way of doing things is what we are all looking for. I highly recommend making the move to Trioliet and am happy to share my experiences with other livestock farmers if they wish,” he says.

Herman adds that the feeding wagon offers scalability, consistency for balanced diets, improved efficiency and reduced waste. On farms like Stockton teams adapt quickly to the new system often within just a few days. The user-friendly design and available support and training resources are also geared towards helping users become proficient as quickly as possible.   

Gerhard Taljaard, Smith Power Equipment whole goods sales manager for the region and national parts planning manager, says the selection of the right feeding system is a solid investment with a good monetary return on investment in a relatively short period of time. When animal husbandry is factored-in and the benefit of a healthy herd is considered then the benefits are clear to see.

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