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Mattei compressor technology is behind the top performance levels at Stobag

WITH safety and reliability a priority, Stobag, a leading Swiss international manufacturer of weather protection solutions such as sunshades, pergolas, closures for windows and glazed façades, have chosen Mattei’s rotary vane compressor technology.

Stobag is a company capable of combining tradition and innovation. Founded on the outskirts of Zurich in 1964, in 58 years of business it has distinguished itself for passion, quality and reliability. 

Developed with important designers and architects, its products offer original, often unprecedented solutions that are always solid and reliable.
“Our goal is to make living spaces more valuable together,” explains Kevin Glättli, chief technology officer at Stobag. “Around 700 employees work at our seven plants, 300 of which are at the Muri location. Exports for us are an important asset: we see our products in 35 countries.  Our company has grown over the years and with the expansion also came the need for having high-performance production systems, higher volumes of compressed air, for example for the powder coating department. During our search for reliable and high-performance machinery, we came into contact with the REMCO company, which enabled us to appreciate the features of Mattei compressors.”

Different types of Mattei compressors were installed at Stobag: a Blade12 i compressor, designed to rapidly reach the operating temperature and equipped with an inverter, which automatically adjusts the rotary speed of the motor to ensure that the air emitted by the system always corresponds to the demand in real time, ensuring maximum energy savings; two models from the Air Centre series, AC 22 R Plus and AC 45 R Plus, compressors equipped with an integrated dryer and heat recovery system to obtain clean air that is humidity-free and recover heat allowing water to be heated for industrial or sanitary use. Furthermore, the low rotational speed of the compressor unit and the direct 1:1 coupling between electric motor and compressor ensure energy savings of more than 15% compared to other rotary compressors.

Stobag has also purchased a state-of-the-art compressor: the RVX75i compressor. This is the most innovative series of Mattei compressors, featuring Xtreme technology, which propels Mattei into 4.0 technology and consists of three essential innovations: the innovative Xtreme oil-injection system that reduces oil circulation by 50%; the Xtreme Thermal Management Technology smart-thermal adjustment system; and the new Maestro XC controller with 10-inch touch-screen graphic interface and the possibility of remote control, internet connection via the company network or with the ‘on board’ modem and immediate alert service by email in the event of a fault or malfunction.

The collaboration with Stobag came about through a partnership with REMCO, a Swiss-based distributor active in the compressed air sector since 1996. “We have been working with Mattei since our business started up almost two decades ago, and we are very satisfied with this relationship; we have gained long-standing experience in the industry, and we are a point of reference for our customers,” says Martin Peter. We are partners of Mattei not only for Industrial Applications but also for OEM Special Applications, especially for Gas solutions, adds Mr Peter.

Mattei compressors with their rotary vane technology and Xtreme technology innovations are an excellent solution in terms of quality compressed air production capacity, energy savings, low maintenance costs and product sustainability.

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