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Oil and water do mix

The old adage about oil and water not mixing is certainly not true for Technoburn – supplier of steam / fuel / services to many industries that require process heat.

When it comes to ‘water’, the company provides steam, hot and super-heated water equipment for many applications in the food processing and beverage industries; examples ranging from hot water used in chicken processing, steam for cooking of meat products, sterilization of dairy equipment and in the bottling of beverages, and super-heated water used in the pasta making process.

Buy steam by the ton

In addition to supplying steam generating plants for outright purchase, Technoburn offers a ‘steam sale’ solution where clients pay only for each ton of steam produced, which doesn’t involve capital expenditure. A site analysis and an evaluation of a client needs results in the customer entering into a fuel supply agreement and being billed per ton of steam generated by the plant over a fixed term. This is an ideal solution for many-start up production facilities or facilities that need upgrading.

Besides supplying steam to factories, some clients such as the dairies and bakeries prefer Technoburn to handle complete boiler house management thereby freeing staff and resources to focus on their core business. Technoburn service and maintain the installation according to manufacturer’s operating specifications and current legislation.

With over 30 years’ experience between them, Technoburn technicians service most common boilers and burners on a 24/7 basis, and the company says it keeps one of the largest range of burner spares in the country, as well as an extensive range of other boiler parts and spares in stock.

Technoburn (Pty) Ltd. are exclusive Distributors of Ivar Steam and Hot water boilers, Ecoflam burners and various fuel burner pumps.

The oil business

Technoburn design, install and maintain the entire energy supply process and is a market leader in the fuel and combustion engineering industry with a commitment to burning alternative fuels combined with specifically engineered energy solutions. Clients are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced technicians who provide their expertise and service on a 24/7 basis giving clients peace of mind.

As one of the few companies in the Western Cape that can provide a truly turnkey energy solution, Technoburn believe in the ethos of sustainable waste-to-energy streams. Its founders have created the Moai Asset Holding group of companies, all of which have a recycling element to their business plans and the minimising of CO2 emissions.

Its aim is to complete the oil supply cycle, from waste oil collection to treatment, to distribution all under one group of companies thereby controlling the whole process from start to finish. Moai has two main collection arms which collect waste stream oils from the marine and the automotive industries country wide and a third that has access to coal derived oils / products.

Recycled fuel oil fires boilers

Oil doesn’t degrade, it only becomes dirty and with Technoburn’s cleaning process recycled fuel oil can be used in boiler setup applications, saving the cost of virgin oil, which is susceptible to price variations and in some cases, fuel shortages.

Technoburn – at its site in Athlone – has a fuel storage capacity of in excess of 1 million litres of oil and holds accreditation for ISO 14001 as well as ISO 18001. Part of this accreditation applies to the recycling of all forms of waste within the Moai Group of companies and it is registered with IPWIS (The Integrated Pollutant and Waste Information System developed by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning) as a waste processor on a local and national basis. Technoburn also holds a fully compliant and nationally approved integrated waste management plan which showsits commitment to “going green” and environmental awareness.

The Group of companies have many options that can fulfil your needs, individual evaluations can be provided to obtain the best solutions.

Restrictions on oil availability have driven it to think “outside the box” and reassess this valuable commodity. Increased machinery and mechanisation place yet more pressure on oil demand and the Moai group are continuously seeking ways to recycle and extend the usefulness of this valuable commodity utilizing as few additional resources as possible in the process.

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