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Real radical economic transformation through Cowsharing?

Cowsharing claims to be the best Example of Real Radical Economic Transformation. No one above the age of 21 is excluded and everyone who participates benefits equally based on their level of contribution. It is non racial, non political non sexcist and all inclusive.

What is Cowsharing?

Cowsharing is a concept that allows all members of society regardless of their race, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, political views, level of income or education to participate in creating a better future for themselves and those around them.

Many wealthy people turn to cattle breeding to create wealth. Ordinary people may not be able to afford a fullyblown cattle farm but they can participate in cattle production through Cowsharing. Partnerships, Consortiums or Stokvel are ways to spread the costs and risks of cattle farming and cattle ownership and allow even those with moderate funds to invest or participate in the breeding of Cattle.

Cowsharing is an innovative way of making good profit whilst at the same time contributing towards job creation, the provision of food security and education.

Some Cowsharing Highlights:

Cattle are the traditional store of wealth in Africa.

  • Real asset based investment that grows year on year
  • Asset Value The cattle numbers increase by nearly 100% each year through breeding
  • Cattle are low maintenance farming so operating expenses can be kept to a minimum
  • Risk is low as it is spread over many cattle and over many farms and risk can be identified, isolated and mitigated
  • Strong return profile between 12 & 20% per annum for the investor
  • No monthly fees and additional costs to the investor
  • The investor does not buy specific cattle but invests in the cattle pool
  • The cattle in the pool serves as security for the investor.
  • With Cowsharing participants do not need to own the land in order to farm productively.
  • The investor has no other financial obligations to Cowsharing
  • The investor can sell his/her investment or shares at any time if they wish to exit
  • The investor gets monthly newsletters and quarterly reports to keep them updated

The Concept:

Cowsharing is a registered company in South Africa and has established and registered a Stokvel with the Stokvel Association of South Africa. The Stokvel has secured shares for its members from the company and anyone who wishes to participate can voluntary request to join the Stokvel which is a closed group and registers as a stokvel member.

Once registered, the members are allowed to participate and contribute towards the Cowsharing programme and through the closed Stokvel group, members can acquire shares on an ongoing basis.

  • Any Stokvel member can invest from as little as R1 000.00 per month or in multiples of R1 000 as often as cash is available
  • Participants can invest a lump sum once off or as often as they like
  • Stokvel members receive share certificates for their contributions.

These funds contributed by the Stokvel members through share options are used to purchase more cattle and loan the cattle to more and more farmers on a 5 year contract basis. Revenue is generated by loaning cattle to farmers who qualify and meet the beneficiary criteria to breed with the cattle.

The company provides training to farmers and access to service providers. After 5 years the farmer returns the original herd plus 50% of the progeny is also returned to Cowsharing every year. The farmer then has the means to conduct a sustainable cattle-farming operation with his share of the progeny.

Cowsharing has also grown its asset base by about 50% every year through the process to the benefit of the stokvel members. Since the launch of the Cowsharing model in February 2017 the Stokvel claims to be the largest and fastest growing Stokvel group on Facebook with 1 330 members who have joined.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Cowsharing Facebook page or by contacting Cowsharing directly

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