Compact, unified factory automation range means design simplicity for panel builders

Compact, unified factory automation range means design simplicity for panel builders

A smaller, standard component height across all of Omron’s family of factory automation (FA) control devices allows for standardised wiring ducts and component placement, thereby optimising space.A standardised, unified design also means design simplicity for panel builders.

The complete Omron portfolio has been redesigned into 600 different FA devices, across 18 different product categories, all built to a common design platform. In addition, the new FA devices are also built with Omron’s proprietary Push-In Plus wiring technology.

Moving to a uniform design avoids the dead space that results from specifying components of differing height, and also reduces the design work required. Most importantly, the ‘hot spots’ that build up in small spaces in the panel are greatly reduced, which can impact component reliability.

“The lifetime of an electronic component, like a power supply containing an electrolytic capacitor, may be halved for every 10°C rise in temperature, as in accordance with Arrhenius’ Law,” explains Lars de Bruin, Marketing Manager, Panel Solutions, EMEA.

Omron’s complete new range of compact in-panel components includes electromechanical and solid state relays, I/O relay terminals, terminal blocks, temperature controllers, timers, measuring and monitoring relays, power monitors and (uninterruptible) power supplies.

These products also offer features such as LED status indicators, simple front wiring and Push-In Plus terminals, all helping panel designers to optimise panel layouts, without impacting issues such as usability or maintenance.

Double DIN-rail fixation, both at the top and bottom, allows customers to remove the product from the DIN-rail in a straight move, which is highly convenient in case of replacement/ refurbishment.

Downsizing components

The range encompasses slim in-panel component designs that offer widths of as little as 6.2 mm, as well as on-panel components with reduced depth. The dead space in a panel can be reduced by as much as 50% horizontally, 20% vertically, and 30% by volume, compared to an older model.

Examples of the new devices include:

  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Power monitors
  • Timers
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Solid-state relays
  • Easy-to-use relay series
  • Temperature controllers
  • DIN rail terminal blocks

Due to reduced power consumption, and therefore generating less heat, side-by-side mounting is possible for each model at an ambient temperature of up to 55°C, which leaves additional space in the panel.