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Fluke’s 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner delivers best-in-class accuracy for critical measurements

COMTEST is offering the Fluke 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner. With up to 40 analogue input channels and scan rates as fast as 10 channels per second, the Super-DAQ is ideal for applications such as thermal mapping, process sensor calibration, quality control testing, lifecycle testing, process monitoring and environmental testing that are common in various industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, aerospace, and automotive.

With the flexibility of both internal and external input modules, the 1586A is designed for use both on the factory floor where channel count as scan speeds are important, and in the calibration laboratory where accuracy and quick input connections are required.

The 1586A can measure thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), thermistors, DC current, dc voltage, and resistance. It offers best-in-class temperature measurement accuracy of plus-or-minus 0.005 degrees Celsius for PRTs, 0.5 degrees Celsius for thermocouples, and 0.002 degrees Celsius for thermistors.

The Super-DAQ has a colour display with channels that can chart up to four channels simultaneously. It features four modes of operation (scan, monitor, measure and digital multimeter) and alarms that indicate when a channel measurement exceeds an assigned high or low limit. It has 20 MB of onboard memory for storing data and configuring files, a USB port to collect and store files to a USB drive and a LAN interface for easy connection to PCs and networks. It also includes a dedicated RS-232 interface to control Fluke Calibration Drywells or temperature baths for automated tests.

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