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Measuring flow rates without any obstacles: the SU Puresonic ultrasonic sensor

Accurate measurement data even with ultrapure water

THE SU Puresonic detects water flow rates with high precision at volumes up to 1 000 /min. Thanks to ultrasound technology, this also applies to ultra-pure water with low conductivity as produced in reverse osmosis plants. In combination with the conductivity sensors of the LDL family, reliable quality control can be established in the filtration process. The measuring pipe of the SU Puresonic is made of stainless steel and is free of measuring elements, seals and moving parts. This means that faults caused by damage, leaks or blockages, which can occur in mechanical systems such as impellers or turbines, or, design-related pressure drops are excluded from the outset

Signal strength as a quality and maintenance indicator

The continuously monitored signal strength makes it possible to draw conclusions about the quality of the medium or the need for maintenance. A dropping value can be an indicator of an increase in particles in the medium or deposits on the inner wall of the pipe. The signal strength is transmitted a-cyclically via IO-Link and thus makes it possible to schedule maintenance work or adjust the process sequence at an early stage. 

This guarantees a high-end product quality. This function is also implemented for conventional systems that do not yet have IO-Link. If the signal strength falls below a predefined level, the device status will change and the sensor will signal this via the diagnostic output and the operating status LED.

LED: device status according to Namur recommendation

Similarly, changes in the device status are indicated by the clearly visible operating status LED. This is how the user on site will also be permanently informed about the health status of the sensor. The colouring corresponds to Namur Recommendation (NE) 107 for self-monitoring and diagnostics of field devices.

Minimising complexity / simple plug & play system

Compared to clamp-on sensors that need to be adjusted to the application depending on their installation situation, the SU Puresonic is a simple plug & play system: Influencing factors such as varying wall thicknesses and pipe materials no longer play a role thanks to the highly accurate inline measurement process. There is no need for time-consuming programming or adjustments, which saves a considerable amount of time during implementation.

Material and design offer maximum flexibility

The stainless-steel measuring pipe ensures the SU Puresonic’s resistance to a variety of media while the compact design makes the ultrasonic sensor very versatile and easy to use. The dimensions of the measuring and operating unit are kept so narrow that several sensors can easily be installed next to each other in a standard water manifold with a pitch of 50 millimetres.

Relevant process values via IO-Link

In addition to the flow rate and the sensor status, the total flow rate and the temperature are also available via IO-Link.

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