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Beaufort West’s dam is bone dry

Cape Town’s main dams are currently staying stable at 76% but a Western Cape dam that has not received its due attention, in Beaufort West has run bone dry.

The Gamka Dam, the main water source for residents in Beaufort West, has run dry and the image of the dam’s state is a stark contrast to the bountiful appearance of many dams in the Cape today.

Residents of Beaufort West are now solely dependent on borehole water, but many fear that just like the dam they will eventually run dry.

The town will need R23-million to properly develop a sustainable water infrastructure.

Pressure is increasing as 12 of the 39 boreholes which supply over 50 000 residents in the area are empty.

Businesses in the hospitality industry in the area remain operational, as the owners have chosen not to rely on municipal water supply.

The barren state of the dam has also affected the livestock in the area, causing red meat prices in the Western Cape to skyrocket.

According to Agri Western Cape chairperson, Carl Opperman, the severe drought has caused live stock to starve, because of the low fodder production for cattle and ostriches.

Local members of the Beaufort West area are calling for donations.



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