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Combustion Technology Steam Boiler System results in a 40% reduction in gas consumption

WHEN a large industrial bakery in Gauteng needed to replace its boiler and awarded the tender to Combustion Technology, a market leader in oil and gas burners and steam boiler installations, sales, and service in the Southern Hemisphere, it got a lot more than it bargained for.

Combustion Technology won the contract when the multinational company needed a new boiler after its old one had failed.

The steam boiler Combustion Technology put in place was the new I.VAR BHP 3000 boiler, complete with a new Limpsfield Natural Gas burner, did more than meet its objectives. It resulted in a gas savings of up to 40% at times after the conversion.

The savings was way more than the 12% projected in its tender bid, says Dewald Lubbe Autoflame, technical sales engineer. Autoflame is an Exclusive product of Combustion Technology.

As the I.VAR BHP 3000 boiler is a newer design than the one that failed; it is more efficient.

“The crux of the technology came from the Limpsfield burner side, as this burner design burns the gas in an extremely efficient manner.”

An example of the modern design feature is the Autoflame control system, which controls the burner and all the boiler functions, it marries the two and can swiftly increase and decrease steam supply based on the process demand.

Lubbe says the combination of the boilers’ efficiency, the Limpsfield burner design and Autoflame control system are the key factors in achieving the huge gas savings.

“Aside from the massive gas savings, there is also a notable drop in greenhouse gas emissions with the introduction of our Steam Plant.”

The burner’s ability to operate at a lower % oxygen content on the combustion side makes it more efficient and slows the velocity at which the gas goes through the boiler and exits through the chimney.

“The burner design allows us to combust at sub 3% oxygen in our exhaust gases throughout the 6:1 turndown rate of the burner, with carbon monoxide less than 10 ppm [Parts Per Million]. There is no other burner on the market that has such a performance,” Lubbe says.

The performance of the I.VAR BHP 3000 boiler, Limpsfield Burner and the Autoflame control system has opened multiple opportunities for Combustion Technology.

“We have recently completed a burner conversion at another one of the client’s plants. We are doing one more [early in 2024], and we have also sold another new steam boiler to one of its other plants,” Lubbe says.

He says that this project has opened a door for the group to fully Optimise all its Steam Boiler Plants.

“By installing Combustion Technology’s equipment massive energy savings is achieved, as such, the cost of the equipment may be at a slightly higher price than its competitors.” 

“Many companies looking to install boilers and burners, merely look at the initial Capital expense and generally decide on the lowest cost option. They believe the equipment being offered all have the same efficiencies. However, this is just a perception, and not reality.”

“These decisions need to have a sound basis and a quick ROI (return on Investment); with our equipment is usually just over one year. In the life expectancy of Steam Boilers (minimum 15 Years) it would be a serious oversight not to consider the future Gas consumption.”

“You pay a small premium for the best equipment available, which is recovered in a year and future savings for the next 14 Years,” notes Lubbe.

Aside from offering energy-saving technology, Combustion Technology also provides around the clock monitoring of its products through a remote Boiler Management System.

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