Leading the market in boiler burner solutions: pioneers of safety in the industry

COMBUSTION Technology, a leader in oil and gas burners and boiler installations and services in the Southern Hemisphere is known for delivering cutting-edge, highly efficient solutions.

The company has long earned a reputation for excellence in product quality, sales, installations, and after-sales service.

As a registered permit holder status for oil and gas burner sales, installation, and commissioning, that adheres strictly to SANS 329 and SANS 13577 standards,  it stands apart in an industry where safety standards are paramount.

As exclusive distributors for renowned brands such as Riello Burners, BONO Boilers, I.VAR Boilers, Unical Boilers, Limpsfield Burners, and Autoflame Combustion Management Systems, Combustion Technology ensures that clients receive nothing short of exceptional products and support.

Recognising the utmost priority of safety within our industry, Combustion Technology emphasises the necessity for all commissioning and service technicians to be SAQCC Gas Registered Practitioners, adhering strictly to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER). 

The absence of registered practitioners can carry severe consequences, including the risk of catastrophic events such as boiler plant explosions. By steadfastly adhering to the requirements of SANS 329, Combustion Technology not only provides reassurance for clients but also ensures accountability and minimises the risks linked with non-compliance.

Moreover, all of Combustion Technology’s oil and gas burners and components are approved and registered by SAGA (South African Gas Association), further underlining their commitment to safety and quality. Combustion Technology’s team maintains the highest quality standards through rigorous training and dedication. This proactive approach demonstrates their ongoing engagement and contributions to the industry.

In terms of product offerings, Combustion Technology provides a comprehensive range of boilers, including steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal oil boilers, fire tube boilers, water tube boilers, diathermic oil heaters, and biomass boilers. 

Their burner solutions encompass industrial burners, gas, oil, dual fuel, hydrogen and biogas burners, with options for single, two-stage, and modulating operation.

As exclusive distributors of Autoflame Management Software, they offer advanced burner and boiler controls, including digital combustion controls for all makes retrofitted on all makes and of boilers and burners. This allows remote emissions monitoring and management equipment, as well as flame safeguard controls (also registered by SAGA).

With their cutting-edge micro-modulating systems, Combustion Technology provides optimised combustion solutions that significantly contribute to reducing emissions and promoting sustainability:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Achieve a 7-12% reduction in fuel consumption compared to traditional linkage systems.
  • Cost Savings: Experience lower maintenance expenses thanks to the precise positioning system.
  • Emission Reduction: Autoflame systems can decrease CO2 emissions by up to 10%.
  • Integrated Automation & Safety Features: Benefit from fully automated flame safeguard, valve proving system, VSD control, scheduling, sequencing, and other automatic settings already integrated into the systems.

Combustion Technology’s unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and safety has cemented its position as the go-to provider for Boiler Burner solutions for over 37 years. 

With a focus on delivering modern, highly efficient solutions while adhering to the highest safety standards, the company continues to lead the industry into a brighter, safer future.