WSP and Golder integration takes shape


IN April 2021, WSP Global Inc. announced the acquisition of Golder, a global consulting firm with over 60-years of experience in providing earth sciences and environmental consulting services. The addition of Golder increases WSP’s global workforce by 7,000 people and makes it the leading environmental consulting firm in the world with approximately 14,000 of 54,000 professionals now dedicated to accelerating the world’s green transition.

Mathieu du Plooy, Managing Director: WSP in Africa says: “This integration reinforces our position as a market leader within the environmental and mining services areas, as our combined skills, expertise and experience working in Africa are complimentary and will ensure that we remain the service provider of choice in the ESG space for our clients operating throughout Africa.”

Through this integration Golder’s Africa staff compliment of 177 will join WSP, boosting the local firm’s ranks to near 530. Additionally, WSP in Africa has aligned its Earth & Environment business, which will be led by Ralph Heath, formerly the Managing Director of Golder Africa. “Forming this business unit enables us to elevate the depth of ESG experience and expertise that resides within the business. This will increase our ability to help our clients transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon future, while providing professional development opportunities for our employees and long-term value for our communities, clients and shareholders. For us, environmental consulting is not just another division, it’s at the heart of our Future Ready vision,” says du Plooy.

Though Golder’s staff compliment bolsters WSP’s capacity to service clients with environmental and sustainability consulting needs, the company also has opportunities available to join its team. “We are actively recruiting to further supplement our expertise in the African business,” du Plooy points out, “offering exciting opportunities for environmental experts and engineers to develop their skills and grow their careers. Through access to impactful projects on the continent, as well as to local and international specialists with whom to share knowledge, we believe we offer the best opportunities to consult in ESG.”