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How to build your business to thrive regardless of challenges 

As business owners we all have to deal with constant challenges both externally, and from within the business. 

Why is it that some businesses manage to grow and thrive despite these, and others get distracted and stall because of them? 

We believe the first element to building a business that can thrive is a growth mindset. This will be a key discussion point at our upcoming events – in-person and online – hosted by business growth specialist and Aurik co-founder & CEO, Pavlo Phitidis. 

Pavlo will also unpack the 9 impediments to business growth that we see time and time again in our work with over 3,000 business owners across 3 continents. Which of the obstacles in this clip resonate with you? 

Gain a fresh perspective on your business and the opportunities that we as South Africans have in a global market, informed by Pavlo’s extensive work with mid-tier business owners in the US and UK as well as here at home.  

The in-person events will also provide an opportunity to connect with likeminded business owners, to benefit from their insights and experiences. 

Click on the links for more details and to register. 

Tuesday 27th September, in-person 90-minute breakfast in Cape Town 

Wednesday 5th October, 55 minutes online over lunchtime 

Wednesday 12th October, in-person 90-minute breakfast in Umhlanga 

You’ll leave with insights and action on: 

  • How to set a simple, smart, scalable growth plan for your business and team
  • How to resolve the nine impediments to business growth and exit
  • How to build the 5 levers of valuation and exit
  • Secure organic growth through your team to allow you to focus on next-level growth
  • Develop an exit strategy in the 5-10-15 years ahead, today
  • How to build a motivated team you can successfully delegate to
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