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Intelligent oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps with VSD technology

The engine of any central vacuum system is the vacuum pump. Variable demand from your process often leads to frequent start-stops. These can in turn lead to mechanical and electrical motor problems such as overheating, fan breakage, oil degradation and vane delamination. Traditionally, the way to overcome these problems is to use a wide pressure band to limit the number of stop-starts. Unfortunately this is not a cost-effective solution. A much better solution is to use a Variable Speed Drive (VSD). The vacuum pump with a VSD only delivers what is required.

The Atlas Copco GHS VSD series vacuum pumps are ideal for a range of applications in plastics, glass, bottling, canning, wood, packaging, printing and paper, meat packaging and many more. The GHS 350-900 VSD is the ideal solution when a dedicated pump is required in the production area. The GHS 1300-5400 VSD can also be set up as a dedicated solution but is normally used in the utility room of central vacuum system applications.

GHS VSD is available in Turbo version for fast cycling and dedicated configuration and as well in Humid version with a greater water handling capability. An energy recovery option can also be added on GHS 1300-5400 VSD, allowing you to recover on an average of 75% of the power input.

The GHS VSD series have shown a significantly better performance against traditional fixed speed technologies; potentially saving 50%* or more in energy costs.

Technical product specifications

Nominal displacement: 400 – 5004 m3/h

Ultimate pressure: 0.35  mbar(a)

Shaft power: 5.5 – 90 kW


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