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The Mattei Blade Series: Unbeatable for efficiency and reliability

THE Blade series from Mattei, guarantees the high performance of industrial compressors in small spaces, thus perfectly meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies and artisanal businesses.

Improved reliability, efficiency and silent operations, are the major benefits to the range as well as reduced maintenance of the compressor along with the new extended warranty, MyCare 6.

The product

The Blade is available from 7.5 to 22 kW and operating pressures at 8,10 (and on request), 13 bar. In terms of maintenance, servicing is considerably reduced and simplified, again due to the lack of belts and gears, but also a renewed design of the new machines which, thanks to a handy hatch, allows technicians direct access to the compression unit. Silent operation is another benefit of direct-drive, as shown by the low sound pressure level.

Beyond the standard versions, Mattei 7.5 and 11kW also offers an S-version (mounted on a tank with a capacity of 270 litres), the E (fitted with a dryer), and the SE (with a storage tank and  refrigerated dryer).

All versions come with fixed or variable speed operation; with the latter, the inverter automatically adjusts the rotary speed of the motor, to ensure that the air emitted corresponds with demands in real time.

The compressor comes as standard with an asynchronous three-phase IE3 motor, but is also available, on request, with a motor in the IE4 superpremium efficiency class. 

All the compressors are fitted with the soft-start system, born from the collaboration with Allen-Bradly, a brand of Rockwell Automation. Thanks to the Soft-Start, control of power consumption is ensured during starting and stopping of the motor, with a reduction in mechanical stress during the latter. Controlled power consumption prolongs the life of the motor and reduces running costs, but also ensures compliance with current regulations.

The sophisticated MaestroXB computerised controllers can improve the efficiency of a multi compressor plant, thanks to the control, monitoring, and automatic programming of operations through an intuitive control panel, or remotely on a PC. 

Fully equipped with the capability to not only collect data but also analyse operational efficiency, failures and errors, MaestroXB guarantees both the flexibility and adaptability of plant operations.

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