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The Benefits of Repairing vs Replacing your iPhone

Some kinds of damage to your iPhone don’t render it unusable, though issues like a cracked screen can make your usage uncomfortable. The same is true of limited battery life, and other small similar problems.

In other cases, where damage is more severe, the iPhone becomes unusable and you are faced with two options, either to repair the device or to replace it.

Many of these problems can be repaired in a cost effective way, and there are several businesses that perform iPhone repairs in Cape Town.

This article looks at some of the benefits attached to repairing your iPhone rather than replacing it.

Common problems

The most common problems include issues such as cracked screens, problems with charging the battery, the replacement of old batteries, damage caused by liquid spills, and others.

These are problems that can mostly be solved by taking your device to a reputable repair service that also offers post-repair support.

These repair services usually offer free assessments and upfront quotes, to help you decide whether to proceed with repairs or not.

When your iPhone has run into one or more of the most common problems, it’s usually cheaper to have the device repaired than to replace it.

Things to take into account when determining the benefits of repairing

First, if your iPhone is under warranty you may not need to pay for repairs, although many warranties expect you to pay a portion of the costs. You should check to see whether this amount is less than the cost of a straightforward repair.

If you are considering selling your damaged device and using the amount paid for it as part payment on a new iPhone, bear in mind that you will not usually get paid a good amount for your broken phone, and the cost difference of buying a new one will still be much higher than that of repairs.

In urban areas, where there us usually a competitive market in device repairs, iPhone repairs in Cape Town are in most cases likely to cost far less than the effort and price involved in replacing your broken device.

Benefits or repairing

One of the big benefits of repairing rather than replacing your iPhone is that you won’t lose important data stored on your device. There is no need for complicated transferral of data to the new device, thus giving your iPhone record greater and easier continuity.

In most cases, depending on the extent of damage or the kind of problem, it is more cost effective to choose repairs over replacement.

Professional repair services are able to accurately diagnose difficult problems, and may find easy solutions to problems that are relatively simple and inexpensive to fix. Because problem assessments are usually free, you will also be in a better position to decide what to do.

It’s also significant to bear in mind that every iPhone that’s repaired rather than replaced prevents increased disposal of e-waste into the ecosystem. Repairing rather than replacing is therefore also a way of contributing to a greener world.

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