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Eight killed in Somerset West explosion

Somerset West – Families have gathered outside the Rheinmetall Denel Munitions factory in Somerset West waiting for news on their loved ones following an explosion at the factory. Eight people have died and two others are seriously injured, according to reports.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue services spokesperson Theo Lane confirmed that the incident occurred just before 4pm on Monday afternoon.

“Four persons are confirmed to have sustained fatal injuries and firefighters are currently carrying out search and rescue for a further six persons. The cause of the explosion has not been ascertained as yet. Currently 15 firefighters with 3 fire engines are at the incident‚” Lane said.

A further four people were pronounced dead after their bodies were recovered from the factory. Two workers survived the blast, and were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Residents in the area recall their windows rattling after the explosion swept through the factory. The cause has not yet been determined. Rheinmetall Denel munitions makes explosives and ammunition for the military and civilians, the factory is located about 30kms outside of Cape Town.


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