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Engen continues to drive construction of Reunion’s €1,6bn highway over the sea

In 2014 Engen Petroleum won a €960 000 tender to provide fuel to the mega construction project to build Reunion’s New La Nouvelle Route du Littoral, a 12km long “highway over the sea” that will connect the island’s two biggest cities – Saint Denis and La Possession – as well as the island’s port and Roland Garros Airport.

Engen is a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of fuels, lubricants and oil-based products, with a presence in 18 countries across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

The benefits of the new road in Reunion are expected to easily outweigh the investment. Safety and economic benefits include an ability to move60% of the island’s freight and 80 000 travellers daily without natural hazards such as frequent cyclonic swells and rock falls.

On track to provide 12 million litres in four years

The highway over the sea is constructed as a viaduct, comprising 48 support poles, each – in turn – made up of 7 voussoirs (wedge-shaped or tapered stones used to construct an arch), weighing 2400 tons apiece. Each pillar and its voussoir is equivalent to 10 000 tons (which is the same weight as the Eiffel Tower!). The first support pole was put in place in August 2016, while the second is due for completion in November. Over 200 000 tons of rocks were necessary to establish a platform of 7m in height upon which to begin.

Hervé Maziau, Managing Director of Engen Réunionsays the company has to date supplied3.35 million litresof the estimated 12 million litres of 10ppm diesel necessary to power the project. “The work started in October 2014 and is due for completion in 2018,” he says. ”Engen’s delivery solution comprises automated delivery into construction equipment with computerised fuel management and security elements.”

Maziausays a backup installation of a 50 000 litre emergency fuel tank has been established to combat contingencies. “This provides far better control over fuel management, economies, security and environmental protection,” he adds.

Software-controlled delivery system and full environmental protection

The software-controlled delivery system prevents unauthorised refuelling and human error. It harnesses vehicle data to provide detailed insights into fuel efficiency, while an anti-siphoning system pairs identification technology in trucks with intelligent fuel nozzles.

“The solution removes the need for the customer to mobilise resources for storage facilities and delivery management, or to undergo civil works for an extra storage and distribution area. Furthermore, the project’s integrated environmental quality controls effectively manage any environmental risks such as leakage and fire hazards,” saysMaziau. 

Drikus Kotze, General Manager of Engen’s International Business Division says Reunion is taking a huge step into the future with the project. “As Engen we are proud and excited to be driving the construction of this mega-project,” says Kotze.

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