Fabrinox invest in PaperTrail E-signatures software

Fabrinox invest in PaperTrail E-signatures software

Fabrinox invest in PaperTrail E-signatures software – a quantum leap that is faster, more convenient, and POPI compliant. International supplier of manufactured and fabricated metal solutions, Paarl based Fabrinox, have invested in PaperTrail software to improve efficiency and increase customer service.

eForms PaperTrail electronic forms are a system for collecting information for the purpose of generating business documents. Each user requires an account to use the system. Once logged in, they can use the system to sign or send documents out for signature – amongst other things.

A user signs on the electronic form by clicking in the signature block and authenticating themselves with their password in order to sign in it. The signature is then added to the form and an audit trail is appended to the document. eForms can also work with electronic signatures based on handwriting biometric authentication in the form of a biometric signature pad attached to the person signing’s device. This pad allows the device to measure the biometrics of the person signing’s signature, including the strokes they make on the surface, the pressure they exert with each stroke, and how long they take to write the overall orthographic signature.

PaperTrail is a full ECM (Enterprise content management) platform. Correct implementation meets POPI compliance, having an electronic signature module that implements four different kinds of electronic signatures, including:

  • ordinary electronic signatures – in the form of a signature block on an uploaded PDF document where the person signing adds their signature by clicking on a signature block and typing in their name;
  • biometric signatures – in the form a biometric signature pad attached to the signing device that the person signs on to create a digitised version of their handwritten signature with an audit trail of the biometric metadata of how the signature was created, much the same as the biometric option used with the eForms;
  • digital signatures – in the form of a digital certificate based on cryptography associated with the person signing that the person uses to sign a PDF and
  • advanced electronic signatures – in the form of a Class 4 Certificate issued by an accredited certificate authority that the person signing uses in the same way as a digital certificate for the digital signature.

Increased customer expectations at the time of delivery, has transformed a previously simple delivery signature into an opportunity for delivery workforces to increase customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, the purpose of the acceptance signature was solely to verify delivery. With the advanced capabilities of today’s mobile devices, logistics companies can leverage solutions that meet endless ever changing customer expectations at the moment of delivery.

Using the GPS, sign-on-glass, camera and barcode scanning capabilities that already exist in mobile devices, mobile workforces can provide the real-time status and delivery confirmation. In addition, there are many other benefits that an electronic proof of delivery solution can provide:

  • Increased Customer Service. Having access to real-time data allows Customer Service to quickly and efficiently resolve customer queries and issues. For example, if a recipient is dissatisfied with the condition of a package when it arrives, the driver can message customer service and have an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) issued on the spot.
  • Real-time visibility. An electronic proof of delivery solution provides real-time visibility of driver and package location, proof of delivery data and operational updates such as accident reporting, allowing the proactive management of issues in the field.
  • Greater accuracy and productivity.  By eliminating the need for paper forms and manual data entry improves billing efficiency and strengthens bottom-line profits while increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Guided Workflow. An electronic proof of delivery solution guides drivers through a consistent delivery process under varying conditions. Most often a signature is sufficient for proof of delivery. However, some deliveries have additional requirements, i.e., the restricted delivery of certain legal documents.
  • Better Data Capture. Paper forms are time-consuming to fill out leading to inconsistencies in the data captured by individual drivers as well as readability of handwriting. They also do not provide a means to enforce the collection of mandatory data.
  • Go Green. Paper forms tend to be copied multiple times once the information is entered into a system, the paper form is usually discarded – creating an unnecessary burden on the environment.

An electronic proof of delivery solution coupled with today’s smartphones and tablets provides new and improved ways of interacting with customers, shipment accuracy and reduced time in billing cycles.

The Sign-on-Glass (SoG) portion of PaperTrail has been implemented at Fabrinox’s Admin & Despatch following a testing phase and its customers will now sign-off (eSign) for their goods on a mobile device. Customers have been formally advised of the company’s move away from paper towards digital.