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First ever augmented reality wine app

Mensa is the first South African wine to use an augmented reality app in the local wine industry and has set the bar for digital innovation and storytelling.

Mensa wine has recently been launched by Overhex Wines International and is a sister range to the popular Balance and Survivor wines.

CEO and Owner, Gerhard van der Wath shared, ” Mensa is the third company is the world to come up with this marketing concept.”

The app is designed to create a virtual reality storybook that is attached to the label on each of the bottles of wine and allows the label to come to life and reveal a hidden story. This unique augmented reality offering was created using a minimal budget.

The creation of Mensa and its iconic signature is a family affair as the storybook approach stems from the founding Overhex’s family love of books and reading. The books are designed to be paired with a good read against a warm fire or outside on a sunny day.

Mensa is derived from the Overhex family, van der Wath decided on the name in an ode to his wife as she is referred to as Mensa.

The founding company, Overhex intends to provide a wine that is affordable and accessible to all. Their wines can be purchased directly from the Overhex Winery & Bistro outside Worcester at a cellar door price of R75 for the white wines and R85 for the red.

Currently, Checkers is selling Mensa Wines nation wide and they are also available for online purchase at

How the app works

The Mensa Wine app is available on both iOs and Android devices, the app is free of charge and allows users to access a unique form of interaction with their new favorite Mensa wines.

Users can click through the available tutorial on the app as it shares how to go about scanning and reading the virtual books.

The app is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The payoff line of the Mensa range is ‘Live a great story’ and echoes the brand’s love of story telling and adventure.

Wine bottles are sealed with the Helix cork closure mechanism by Amorim that allows you to twist it open and reseal the bottle by hand. This mechanism enhances the longevity of the wine and locks in the natural scents and flavors.

The Mensa wine range is made up of three well crafted wines, a Sauvignon Blanc with citrus and tropical notes, a Chardonay Pinot Noir of citrus and berry character and a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that is filled with dark chocolate and blackberries.



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