Fishing industry’s corrosion issues solved

Fishing industry’s corrosion issues solved

The Cape’s well-developed commercial fishing industry operates in a highly corrosive environment where most of the problems of corrosion can be solved with duplex stainless steel Pitting corrosion, caused by chlorides in water and stress corrosion cracking are the main corrosion issues in the marine environment – at sea and on land.

Duplex stainless steel offers:

• Higher strength with reduced thickness and therefore reduced weight
• Good weldability
• Good toughness –particularly at low temperatures
• Lower nickel content reduces the cost of the stainless steel

The Cape branch of NDE Stainless Steel supplies duplex – mainly LDX 2101 – to the fishing industry for various products. These include tanks, screw conveyors, exhaust boxes, ship nose cones and wheelbarrows. A cost-saving is achieved on the material as well as on reduced down-time because of stainless steels’ longer life span.

NDE supplies and stocks a comprehensive range of stainless steel grades and products for hygienic and corrosion resistant solutions in many Cape industries. Specific items are stocked for customers year round as well as during annual maintenance, ensuring a consistent supply with reduced downtime.

NDE also offers guidance and support in design and selection of the appropriate grades of stainless steel for many different applications, each with a specific set of circumstances. The correct choice from over 500 grades and finishes of stainless steel is crucial to ensure hygiene and prevent corrosion.