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Sika’s new Purform® Technology with ultra-low monomer content

UNDER the brand Purform®, Sika has launched its newly developed polyurethane sealant technology enhances the superiority of polyurethane regarding strength and durability and impresses through very low monomer content. The latter enables Sika to manufacture more sustainable products that will meet future environmental and health regulations.

Sikaflex® PRO-3 Purform®

The Purform® polyurethane technology enables Sika to substantially lower the monomeric di-isocyanate content in its products and to create solutions with content below 0.1%. Thus, meeting the new European Union REACH regulation valid as of 2023, which is the regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment. With the Purform® technology, users can benefit from the unique performance of polyurethane at the lowest exposure and the highest level of work safety.

The Purform® technology will be inside Sika’s most trusted brands, Sikaflex®, SikaBond®, SikaTack®, and SikaFloor®.

Sika has control of the whole polyurethane product manufacturing process, right through from the pre-polymers to the ready to use products. The new Sikaflex® Purform® polyurethane, through its simplicity and purity, gives its engineers the ability and scope for the development of high performance products, such as more durable sealants and adhesives that can contribute to energy saving, lower fuel consumption and that are safe to apply.

Purform® is “pure” because it starts at the very roots of polyurethane technology and gives us the additional controls to engineer even more perfect and pure pre-polymers products for many different applications. 

Sikaflex floor joint sealing

Sika’s more durable sealants and adhesives with this new improved technology is available in professional favourites such as the Sikaflex® 11FC a well as Sikaflex® PRO 3.

Sikaflex® PRO-3 Purform® provides durable sealing for multipurpose floor and civil engineering joint sealing, offering superior mechanical properties combined with excellent weatherability and chemical resistance to counter the daily movement and environmental impacts for years.

Sikaflex®-11 FC+

Sikaflex®-11 FC+ has Longer life: Higher resistance to hot and humid conditions and Less impact due to its ultra-low monomeric diisocyanate content.

With both these trusted products having the next generation Sika polyurethane polymer it is ready faster as it has rapid build-up of hardness and strength, also at lower temperature Polyurethane is the first choice for long lasting, reliable sealing and bonding withstanding even the most adverse conditions.

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