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Complete food safety from Europe’s leading spray nozzle manufacturer 

Consumers naturally assume that food arrives on the store’s shelves in a hygienic-free state, containing no substances that are considered harmful to your health. 

The assumption is that most reputable food manufacturers do everything in their power to ensure that only quality ingredients are used in their processes. 

However, with highly automated production processes food comes in contact with a large number of different materials and substances during the production process.

In Europe, regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 is a mandatory requirement for any properties with materials or articles that come in direct or indirect contact with foods.

This applies to the wide range of products manufactured by LECHLER for the food and beverage industries.

As a leading nozzle manufacturer and supplier to these industries, LECHLER must also test their products to ensure food compatibility.

As the LECHLER nozzle range complies with the EU framework regulation and FDA guidelines, plant manufacturers and producers can be assured that nozzles supplied from their exclusive agent for Southern Africa, Industrial Nozzles and Systems (Pty) Ltd meet regulations.

Industrial Nozzles and Systems, established in 2000 has forged numerous relationships with both local and national OEM and end-user customers.

“The security of our end-users knowing that what you procure is what is delivered is critical, considering how the market is being flooded with imitation parts” says Steve Smith, MD Industrial Nozzles.

Traditionally, LECHLER attributes the greatest importance to hygiene and care for the relevant production processes.

For this reason, the company has actively devoted resources for many years to this area, which includes plastic or Stainless Steel nozzles and accessories.

These have proven to be highly reliable, with prolonged service life.  Most of Lechler’s product range is suitable for contact with food and complies with the requirements of the commission regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, the FDA guidelines.

Depending on the product, special machines, containers, cooking utensils, conveyor belts and many other equipment used, there is direct contact with food.

Sometimes this contact or transfer surfaces with the packaging material are prolonged, when food has to be prepared for transport and preserved.  

LECHLER’s precision nozzles perform a wide range of tasks, from complex cleaning work to product preparation and finishing the end product.

Efficient and food-compatible nozzles used for plant cleaning include: Rotating Tank Cleaners, Flat Fan nozzles, Full Cone and Hollow Cone nozzles.

Where contact between nozzles and product is very direct, such as found in an industrial bakery where special plastic nozzles from LECHLER are used to spray on the bread crust at the end of the baking process to provide a fresh gloss.   

A manufacturer of meat patties, can make use of innovative nozzles from Lechler, where precise amounts of liquid is sprayed on the identically sized ground meat products, to compensate for any over spray.

In special washing installations, full cone nozzles from Lechler clean e.g. vegetables / fruits to remove stubborn contamination such as soil, fertiliser or pesticides.

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