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Fair Cape Dairies – The 5 Time SA Dairy Champs

Fair Cape Dairies, a leader in sustainable and ethical dairy farming, has once again emerged victorious at the prestigious South African Dairy Championships, solidifying their position as a Champion of quality dairy products across South Africa.

The 2024 competition saw Fair Cape Dairies securing the most wins across various categories, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. This remarkable achievement follows their impressive streak of topping the charts at the Championships, this year marking the fifth consecutive year coming out on top.

“We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and passion, reflected in these awards,” said Louis Loubser, CMO of Fair Cape Dairies. “Our commitment to ethical farming practices and producing the highest quality dairy products continues to be recognized and this is testament to our devotion to our values.”

Fair Cape Dairies’ award-winning products span a broad range of products including milk, yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, and delicious desserts. From their dedication to ethical and sustainable farming practices, including solar-powered milk production and responsible water use, to their commitment to recyclable packaging and community initiatives, Fair Cape Dairies exemplifies a holistic and renewable approach to dairy production.

“Winning these awards is not just about the products themselves,” remarked Melt Loubser, CEO of Fair Cape Dairies. “It’s about acknowledging the hard work and innovation that goes into everything we do, from farm to table. We are firm believers in doing the right thing, and this approach is clearly resonating with both consumers and industry experts.”

Fair Cape Dairies’ triumph at the 2024 South African Dairy Championships includes 14 category wins as well as 5 prestigious Qualite Awards.

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