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Unleashing Innovation: The AxiBlade Fan by ebm-papst

In the dynamic realm of ventilation and drive engineering, ebm-papst stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. 

With a rich catalogue boasting around 20 000 products, ebm-papst is not just a provider; it’s an engineering partner sought after in diverse industries. 

At the heart of this technological prowess is our Green Intelligent EC Technology, a commitment to high efficiency and sustainability.

Enter the AxiBlade range, setting a new standard for large axial fans. AxiBlade isn’t just a fan; it’s a game-changer in energy efficiency and noise reduction. With sizes ranging from 630 to 910, and different motor designs featuring EC technology, AxiBlades are versatile all-rounders, individually configurable for each application.

In the realm of refrigeration, particularly in plants like evaporators or condensers, the larger AxiBlade fans in sizes 800 and 910 shine. 

With an impressive airflow capacity of up to 40 000 m3/h and a maximum pressure range of 350 Pa, these fans redefine what’s possible.

Recently, ebm-papst played a pivotal role in a collaborative retrofit project with HC Heat and Dunair Airconditioning, orchestrating a major overhaul of Makro Amanzimtoti’s Ice Storage Plant.

This engineering marvel demanded a delicate balance between efficiency and precision. 

A specially designed sub-frame was placed above existing chillers, showcasing innovation in action. 

Lovemore Brothers skillfully rigged the condenser coils, aligning seamlessly with the collaborative efforts of Afcon and HC Coils.

Ebmpapst’s fans ensured the cooling system’s efficiency, reflecting our commitment to excellence. This endeavour isn’t just a retrofit; it’s a testament to the spirit of innovation, precision, and the vital role played by products like the AxiBlade in achieving engineering milestones.

In the world of ebm-papst, it’s not just about fans; it’s about redefining what’s possible in the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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