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Festo PUN-H-T tubing and fitting combinations for multiple applications

OVER the past 49 years, Festo South Africa has earned a reputation for providing cleverly designed components. The company’s absolute Automation 2.0 campaign focuses on Pneumatic Automation solutions, where an analogy is created between tubing and bronchioles located in human body. In anatomy, bronchioles carry air into the lungs. This is the same with the Festo bestselling Transparent PUN-H-T Tubing that conveys pressurised media to actuators, valves, tools and other components.

The combination of PUN-H-T and the range of fittings guarantees the effective flow of media from one point to another. Optimal, trouble-free, hydrolysis resistant systems operation are assured and coming in six different colours, tubing and fittings means it can be used in environments with high moisture levels and in numerous standard applications in the food industry and more. 

Short installation time thanks to proven plug and work 

Connecting and releasing are made simple by the push-in fittings QS in the standard Festo quality with the proven sealing and release principle. Not only is the kink-resistant PUN-H-T easy to install, its resistance to hydrolysis protects it from cracking even when in contact with water up to 50°C. In addition, the black version is UV-resistant for outdoor applications.

System benefits 

The transparent versions make it easy to detect particles, moisture and oil in the tubing. This provides an easy and effective way of monitoring the condition of any potential risks to a system. Further to this, benefits include food-grade approved: FDA listed material and resistance to microbes.

New food-compliant tubing and fitting combination from Festo

The new food-compliant Tubing PUN-H-F meets the standards for use in the food industry. Its high level of resistance to most media, chemicals and extreme corrosion make it stand out. Together with NPQR fittings, it can be safely used in the food and packaging industry, particularly in places where it might come into contact with food. The kink-resistant tubing is also resistant to hydrolysis and microbes, making it ideal for high moisture environments or water at temperatures up to 60 °C. The black version is also UV-resistant and thus also suitable for use outside enclosed buildings. The “natural” colour variant of the PUN-H-F is suitable for applications with gaseous oxygen as the operating medium.

Easy to handle

A large number of variants, threads and tubing sizes make it suitable for different applications. Leaks are prevented by a chambered O-ring that is securely held in place. The food-compliant design reduces edges where dirt could collect. This makes the push-in fitting very easy to clean and assemble.

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