PURA Beverages hits a major milestone with national distribution secured in Aldi stores across the USA

PURA Beverages has just secured a deal with one of the fastest-growing retailers in the United States, Aldi. The first shipment of PURA products was scheduled to be loaded onto a container on 20 October 2022.

The shipment consisted of nine containers carrying 27 000 cases of PURA Soda. The product is set to hit the shelves of 2 200 Aldi stores nationally from January 2023, featured as part of Aldi’s Global Finds.

“Wesgro has been a supporter of Pura Beverages for the last three years; it is fantastic to see this once-small business breaking into the USA market. We are excited to see export revenue starting to come back to the province. The USA was the Western Cape’s top export market in 2021, with exports reaching an impressive R16.9bn. We welcome this announcement by Pura Beverages as we continue to grow the exports from the Western Cape and create jobs,” says Wrenelle Stander, Wesgro CEO.

“This year our goal was to tackle the USA market and we are very grateful to Wesgro, US Aid and Trade Hub for helping us to achieve this ambitious goal. This is a personal and business milestone that we have had our sights set on for a while, and achieving this miles stone is just the beginning of our journey, taking our award-winning homegrown brand into the biggest beverage market in the world. At the end of the day, our main aim is to help people live a little healthier, in an enjoyable way,” adds Greig Jansen, CEO PURA Beverages.