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LED Retrofit Lighting Solution for De Aar Hospital

BEKA Schréder has supplied the LED retrofit lighting solution for the De Aar Hospital in the Northern Cape. With this new lighting installation, the hospital benefits from significant energy savings and better light levels.

Various products were installed for the interior and exterior of the hospital, all of which have been designed and manufactured in South Africa, taking the continent’s harsh environmental conditions into account.

Hospital interior

The ECOBAY was chosen for the double volume areas inside the hospital, providing high-quality general area lighting. This LED lowbay and highbay offers substantial energy savings, high performance and is able to operate at high ambient temperatures. Thanks to its reliable performance, low dust accumulation and no need for relamping and regular maintenance, the ECOBAY was the luminaire of choice.

Outdoor passages

The BEKA VAPOURLINE has replaced the previous lighting installation in the outdoor passages. It offers a robust and efficient LED alternative for replacing fixtures fitted with T5/T8 fluorescent tubes.

Designed to provide a long-term solution for harsh industrial environments, the BEKA VAPOURLINE has a strong mechanical design that makes it highly resistant to shock and vibration while its IP rating makes it ideal for dusty and wet locations.

This high-performing luminaire provides an energy-efficient lighting solution. With a lifetime five times longer than a fluorescent tube, this modern linear LED luminaire lowers the total cost of ownership of a lighting installation and eliminates the need for maintenance.

Building exteriors

The SERIES 300 has replaced the exterior bulkhead luminaires installed around the exterior of the buildings. This decorative and highly efficient LED bulkhead with its halo lighting effect is the ideal solution to beautify buildings and to provide area lighting. High-quality materials are used to ensure a high ingress protection and non-discolouring diffuser. This, together with the long lifetime of the LEDs, and an easy installation procedure, makes the SERIES 300 the bulkhead of choice.

General outdoor open areas

The KAZELLE LED post top luminaire has been installed in the general outdoor open areas. It is a cost-effective and efficient lighting solution for a quick return on investment. Reliable, efficient, discreet and vandal resistant, the KAZELLE luminaire emits a pleasant, glare-free light. It has been designed for easy installation. With virtually no maintenance required, the KAZELLE guarantees long-lasting performance and massive savings.

Perimeter security lighting

The LEDLUME XP 2 illuminates the perimeter of the hospital, assisting in increasing security levels. The LEDLUME XP offers optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. It provides customers with the ideal tool to generate energy savings, improve lighting levels and reduce maintenance costs. The great variety of high-performance optics optimises the photometric distribution for each specific application to achieve minimum energy consumption.

BEKA Schréder locally develops and manufactures sustainable LED lighting products, designed and suitable for local conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with Bigen Group’s Electrical Engineers in providing an energy-efficient LED lighting solution for this project.


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