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First Cut showcases automated cutting capability at Machine Tools Africa 2017

The world of machine tools is changing rapidly, as fabrication and manufacturing businesses strive towards an automated vision of Industry 4.0.

From 9 – 12 May, First Cut, a leading South African distributor of cutting consumables and capital equipment, will be proud to welcome customers and visitors to its stand at Machine Tools Africa 2017 (MTA). This pivotal four-day industry event will showcase the best in fabrication and manufacturing tools and capital equipment from around the world.

“In terms of capital equipment, we will be exhibiting the groundbreaking 10kW Bystar fibre laser on a stand that will be dedicated solely to our long-standing principal Bystronic,” explains Bystronic South Africa’s Sales Director at First Cut, Gareth Jackson.

The Bystar embraces both a revolutionary machine design and new levels of control, fully exploiting the speed which 10kW affords. The ByStar’s new cutting head delivers the highest part output through the full spectrum of sheet thicknesses, from thin gauge up to 30mm with impressive part accuracy. It will also cut other ‘exotic’ metals such as aluminium, brass and copper without the need for deburring.

“As one of the most powerful laser cutters on the market, this machine from Bystronic, a world-leading provider of cutting and bending solutions, offers industry new horizons of productivity and profitability,” adds Jackson.

Also at MTA 2017, First Cut will be exhibiting Bystronic’s Xpert 40 compact press brake – termed ‘the Swiss Army knife’ of press brakes, together with its larger version, the Xpert 150T 3100 for once-offs as well as production runs.

“Although compact, the Xpert 40 boasts an impressive 40-ton capacity and can execute up to 1,028 bends an hour – three times as many parts in the same time as a large machine would. Its compact size also means it can be easily moved to from one location to another to maximise the machine’s utility,” he comments.

Jackson adds that a further option with the Xpert 40 is the Bystronic mobile bending cell, based on the so-called ‘plug and bend’ principle. This ancillary machine allows production to cope with varying order sizes: from large series with recurring parts, to flexible job order production with fluctuating batch sizes and widely varying bent parts. Apart from a high level of process reliability, the bending cell allows for multi-shift operation with the minimum staff. The bending cell can be set up in a couple of minutes and does not affect the mobility of the Xpert 40 at all.

In addition, First Cut will be demonstrating Bystronic’s BySoft 7 software. This allows fabricators to design parts, create cutting and bending programmes; as well as plan and monitor manufacturing processes.

“BySoft 7 revolutionises modern sheet metal manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of functions while still being easy to operate; and providing customers with a valuable overview while the machines complete jobs quickly, affordably, and reliably,” Jackson advises.

From Everising, a global leader in band saws and circular saws, First Cut will be displaying the new P100C circular saw for automated high-speed, high volume cutting; and the H360HB fully automatic bandsaw with NC control for job nesting and self-diagnostics, which uses both a bi-metal and TCT blade. The Everising S4633SA semi-automatic bi-directional mitre-cutting band saw for the structural steel industry will also be on display.

“With these machines, the application of automation is taking productivity forward in giant strides,” says First Cut Sales Director, Steve van Wyk.

He adds that First Cut’s principal Timesavers, international experts in metal de-burring, will be presenting its new Series 42 1350 WRBW, the latest rotating brush de-burring technology for pre-grinding with an abrasive belt – as well as the rounding of edges and the finishing of surfaces in a single pass – using eight counter rotating abrasive flap brushes. The Series 10 manual grinder presents a cost-saving alternative to conventional grinding and de-burring machines.

“In addition, we will be showcasing the E-TURN32 tube bender from our principal BLM,” says Neil Labuschagne, Sales Manager of the Tube division at First Cut. This is a new model in the immensely successful E-TURN range, which, with its versatility and speed, is suited to a host of different applications – everything from automotive to furniture manufacture.

From Brno in the Czech Republic, First Cut is also proud to present tools from its new principal Omni-X, a leading manufacturer of tube bending tools. “For those attending MTA, this is a great opportunity to update on the latest ranges of tube-bending and end-forming equipment,” says Labuschagne.

Apart from its own expert team, for the benefit of its customers, First Cut will be hosting a number of representatives from the above-mentioned overseas principals. For First Cut, the key to MTA is the opportunity the show affords the company and its international OEMs and principals to meet with existing and potential customers.

“This will give us the opportunity to offer the type of strategic advice and insight that will increase our customers’ output, accuracy and productivity – thereby ensuring their continued success in the demanding and dynamic world of Industry 4.0,” van Wyk concludes.

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