Advanced laser alignment solution from SKF

SKF TKSA 41 provides quick accurate reliable shaft alignment on medium to large size applications.

The new TKSA 41 shaft alignment tool from global bearings and engineering solutions specialist, SKF, delivers an advanced laser alignment solution that will improve uptime and lower energy and maintenance costs.

Shaft misalignment is one of the most significant contributors to premature machine failures and it is estimated that misaligned shafts can be responsible for up to 50 percent of all machine failures. A machine placed in service with less than optimal shaft alignment can lead to poor machine performance, increased noise and vibration, premature bearing wear, higher coupler wear rates and accelerated deterioration of mechanical seal.

“Shaft misalignment is easily prevented by simply using the correct tooling,” says SKF Product Manager – MAPRO, Eddie Martens. “The SKF TKSA 41 provides quick, accurate and reliable shaft alignment

With innovative features such as free and automatic measurements and QR codes recognition, the alignment task is greatly facilitated. Free measurement enables starting a measurement at any angular position and completing all three measurements within a swipe 90° minimum. “This flexibility is particularly useful when little space is available for rotating the measuring units,” adds Martens. Automatic measurements allow for convenient hands-free operation. The TKSA 41 is able to identify a machine by reading the QR code sticker placed on the machine by the user. By scanning the QR code, the alignment history which is saved under a unique machine name can be easily retrieved and new alignments can be started and added to the machine library.                                                                                                  

The unit’s reporting functionality keeps track of alignment tasks; a report which contains details about the alignment job as well as the user such as company address and logo, is automatically generated at the end of each alignment job. The report is a tamper proof document and the user can easily and safely save, print or email the alignment results.

Additional features of the TKSA 41 include large 29mm CCD sensors with red line lasers and inclinometers, end users have the freedom of choice between wireless Bluetooth 4.0 LE communication or wired communication via USB cables, a 5.6” colour resistive gloves compatible touch screen mounted in a rugged display unit and a rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries have allow a minimum of 16 hours continuous operation for the measuring units and eight hours for the display unit.

The TKSA 41 an ideal tool for quick, simple and accurate shaft alignment on medium to large size applications including motors, fans, pumps and compressors.