Afrox plans ahead for winter LPG demand


Contingency plans to ensure the availability of LPG for domestic and commercial use ahead of the winter months are well underway, confirmed Afrox, the leading distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Handigas supplier today unveiled it is making every effort to stockpile imported gas to supplement reserves obtained from local oil refineries. The first shipment of LPG is due in Richards Bay early May and Afrox has reinforced its transport infrastructure to ensure prompt delivery of gas from the port to customers.

However, Afrox warns that while it has been investing in new Handigas cylinders over the last two years, the industry continues to be plagued by illegal filling and this could lead to cylinder shortages at peak demand during winter.

“While we are trying to ensure increased availability of LPG and cylinders, we would urge the public to get their Handigas right now to avoid the last-minute rush which creates the supply chain bottlenecks we see every year,” says Gerhard van Wyk, Business Development Manager LPG at Afrox.

“Past winters have been characterised by shortages of locally produced LPG and available cylinders in South Africa, exacerbated by the instability of electricity supply at this time of the year and increased LPG demand due to residential and business users increasingly switching toHandigas as a more reliable source of energy,” adds van Wyk.

Customers should check for the Afrox red seal on the valve of Handigas cylinders which assures:

  •  All the safety checks have been carried out at each fill
  •  The cylinder has been correctly filled to the right quantity of gas purchased
  •  The quality of the cylinder or the gas is guaranteed
  •  Customers will get Afrox service back-up if the cylinder or gas is faulty; and
  •  Customers are not the victims of an illegally filled cylinder.

Handigas is available through an extensive Afrox network of Gas and Gear sales centres, and atselected Builders and Buildit hardware stores.