ASE addresses Namibian sewage requirements

Finkenstein Containerised Treatment Plant

Aqua Services & Engineering (ASE), a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, was recently contracted by the Finkenstein Portion Three Trust for a turnkey package sewage treatment plant for its new township development in Namibia. The energy-efficient plant will address the sewage treatment requirements of an eventual 4,000 people when completed in May 2016.

The new plant will treat 400m3 of sewage for the first phase of the Finkenstein township project, a new development situated outside Windhoek, Namibia, adjacent to the existing Finkenstein Nature Estate. ASE, along with Consulting Engineers, Burmeister & Partners, opted for a 1,200m2 package treatment plant owing to its popularity and adaptability in tough African conditions.

“Our modular and compact package sewage treatment plant is ideal for this development,” says Alex Busch, General Manager – Projects, ASE.

“Not only does it lower day-to-day maintenance with few moving parts, but it’s simple to operate and operators need only to conduct basic operational checks and minor maintenance on a daily basis,” he adds.

Designed in a modular configuration, the package plant utilises advanced biological treatment processes to treat the sewage in line with the Namibian General Standard for Treated Domestic Sewage.

The primary, anaerobic biological treatment is carried out in a septic tank, which is then followed by secondary aerobic treatment using an energy-efficient trickling filter with plastic filter media. The next unit treatment comprises tertiary clarification using a lamella settler, followed by disinfection using liquid chlorine. The treated effluent will be of sufficient quality for re-use in gardening or landscaping applications throughout the development.

“The Finkenstein Portion Three Trust places great value on sustainable solutions and environmentally-friendly operations, and we designed the plant to take these aspects into consideration,” comments Busch.

Veolia’s trickling filter technology will minimise the energy requirements of the treatment plant, and the development will benefit from the re-use of the treated effluent for landscaping and gardening, thereby reducing costs and reducing overall water consumption.

The project includes the detail design, procurement, manufacturing and installation of the treatment plant components on site at the designated plant location.Understanding the importance of community involvement in addressing water treatment issues, ASE will also conduct onsite training for the maintenance staff of the client.

The package plant is being designed and developed at ASE’s premises in Windhoek.

ASE, which merged with Veolia Water Technologies in 2008, has a long-standing track record of successfully installed sewage treatment plants throughout Namibia and southern Africa, and offers holistic maintenance and support with its offices in the region.