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Atlantis re-discovered

The ownership of well known automotive business Atlantis Foundries has changed hands. The engine casings manufacturer – which was initially known as Atlantis Diesel Engines – recently informed staff at the Atlantis-based plant that ownership had passed from long-time backer Daimler to German automotive components maker Neue Halburg-Guss (NHG.)

According to a letter addressed to staff in late February, NHG – one of the largest foundry networks in the world – would incorporate Atlantis Foundries into its operations from next month (May.) The change of ownership is unexpected with Daimler Chrysler acquiring Atlantis Foundries in 1999.

The company – which was first mooted as a strategic industrial investment in form of ADE in the late seventies – appears to have enjoyed much success under Daimler’s 16 year tenure.

The Industrial Development Coporation (IDC) initiated the planning of the project that was to become Atlantis Diesel Engines (ADE) and later Atlantis Foundries.


  • Incorporation of Finesco (Pty) Ltd – the development company tasked with the development of the Atlantis Diesel Engines facility
  • Commencement of construction of the ADE site in Atlantis – a national strategic resource to provide diesel engines to the South African market.


  • Completion of the ADE machining and assembly facility with the first roll-off of “Engine Number 1”


  • ADE acquired by DaimlerChrysler and becomes Atlantis Foundries. Two divisions are formed: 1. Foundry and 2. Machining
  • Foundry has an annual sales tonnage of just over 17,000 tons with a workforce of about 550 people


  • Construction of the new scrap steel handling facility in Melting


  • Addition of a 4th 10-ton induction furnace to further increase melting capacity


  • Record year of production – 60,000 tons cast


  • Incorporation of robotics within the production process with the installation of a robot in the coreshop to improve output capacity and product quality
  • Roll-out of plant-wide visual safety program
  • Commencement of the Mouldline 1 upgrade and next-generation product implementation programs  
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