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Condra to manufacture a second maintenance crane for Sappi’s Saiccor Mill

CONDRA is to manufacture a second maintenance crane for Sappi’s Saiccor Mill, at Umkomaas on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast.

Ordered for turbine maintenance duty, the 25-tonner will join a 12,5/25/12,5-ton overhead travelling crane manufactured by Condra last year for one of the mill’s dryer lines, and commissioned in March.

Both cranes are part of Sappi’s R7,7-billion expansion and upgrade programme to position Saiccor among the world’s leaders in dissolving pulp production. Dissolving pulp is a key input in the textile industry, in pharmaceuticals and in food processing.

The latest crane will be similar to its predecessor. Both feature identical double-girder, 25m span frames, and differ only in the number of hoists: one on the new crane and three on the first.

Load lifts on both cranes are failsafe, with secondary emergency brakes on the hoists’ rope drums backing up standard brakes on the electric motors.

As before, Condra will use corrosion-resistant materials to manufacture specific components, and apply a high-spec coating to girders, end-carriages and the hoist itself.
This will protect the crane for operation in a highly corrosive environment. Handrails will be of stainless steel, with platforms and walkways made from fiberglass grating instead of ordinary steel tread plate.

On the electrical side, Condra will fit armoured power cables and insulate all stainless steel motor and electrical panels to IP65 standard.

Commenting on the order, a Condra spokesman said that the design of both cranes will facilitate simple maintenance by authorised agent Natal Cranes.

“Our South Coast partner has spare parts holdings more than sufficient to ensure fastest possible repair and maximum machine uptime. Overall lifetime cost will be the lowest possible,” the spokesman said.

“We have a third crane – a single-girder machine – that has been working at Saiccor Mill for forty years, so Natal Cranes already has a good working relationship with the staff at Saiccor, and long experience of the operating environment there. We are ready to ensure maximum machine uptime for the new double-girder installations,” the spokesman concluded.

Saiccor Mill’s second Condra crane is scheduled for delivery later this year to coincide with a planned shutdown for plant maintenance.

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