ESAB launches new FE300 and ProStage gas regulators

ESAB- THE new GCE FE300 regulars

“THE new GCE FE300 regulars meet all of the requirements of the G-series, but they come from a state-of-the-art new gas equipment factory in European Union, which offers us more competitive pricing with more consistent manufacturing quality,” explains Van Dyk.

“Better costing and manufacturing volumes enable us to pass on supply and cost benefits to customers. Most notably these regulators comply fully with the ISO standards that specify the safety and quality of gas welding equipment for welding, cutting and allied processes: ISO 2503 for pressure regulators, with and without flow-meters; and ISO 5171 for pressure gauges,” he notes.

ESAB is the only welding and cutting equipment manufacturer with triple certification: ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management; and ISO 18001, the international health and safety management standard.

ESAB’s global triple certification is issued by DNV, the world-renowned testing, certification and technical advisory service. This triple DNV certificate applies to all ESAB’s global facilities that develop, design, produce, distribute and sell welding and cutting products and associated services. “Every ESAB product that comes out of any one of our facilities is covered by the certificate, which means that, wherever a product ends up, it remains traceable back to its manufacturing origins for its entire lifetime,” Van Dyk assures.

Key features of the FE300 high-performance single state regulator range include:

  • Durable construction saving costs of spares and replacements.
  • Encapsulated regulating technology for precise and stable control.
  • Ergonomic arrangement makes for easy handling by operators.
  • Side and bottom entry design variants are available to fit on all types of cylinder valves.
  • Three scale pressure gauges certified to ISO 5171 are incorporated with high contrast pointers for better gas pressure clarity.
  • Gas colour-coded hand wheels are used for simple gas content and hazard identification.

These regulators are ideal for fabricators, onsite contractors, scrap metal merchants and any jobbing shop using industrial gases for cutting, welding or heating.

GCE ProStage: the premium tier option

“The GCE ProStage is the new member of PRO-Series of cylinder regulators for industrial applications. It is two-stage regulator designed for users requiring high accuracy outlet gas pressure and flow. This product completes our product range by providing a solution at the highest level of the industrial gas segment,” notes Van Dyk.

Key features include:

  • Two-stage regulation for constant and precise outlet pressure and flow.
  • High-performance for the specific needs of industrial gas applications with up to 300 bar cylinder pressure.
  • Designed with prolonged lifetime in mind, saving costs related to services and spares.
  • Easy handling for the operator with an ergonomic arrangement of the three scale pressure gauges for better gas pressure adjustment and clarity.
  • Robust rubber gauge protection for preventing damage to gauges.
  • Repairable eco-design with an available range of spares.

An on-line manual is made readily accessible to operators on a smart phone or tablet by scanning the product-specific QR code permanently printed on each regulator.

  • Manufactured in the European Union with a safety focused design that meets EN ISO 2503 specifications.

Most notable applications include: plasma cutting with modern systems from Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Thermal Dynamics and others; industrial applications of compressed gases with low working pressures of below 2.0 bar; and applications requiring precise outlet pressure settings that remain constant while the gas cylinder empties.

“As with all ESAB gas equipment, safety is of primary importance and the main philosophy underpinning product design – all regulator components are carefully designed based on more than 100 years of experiences with gas pressure regulation.

“Oxygen hazards are very well known and ProStage resistance has been tested in our newly accredited oxygen laboratory at the GCE Chotebor facility in Czechia. As well as routine ISO 2503 type testing, 300 bar cylinder pressure has been set as the standard for the ProStage range, while the robust forged brass body makes for a stable and resistant safety platform for internal parts,” says Van Dyk.

“In an increasingly competitive market, the new FE300 and ProStage gas regulation products offer a full range of choices that will not disappoint” he concludes.

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