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HAW adds compact cast iron gear pumps to its range

Hydraulic and Automation Warehouse (HAW) – part of the Hytec Group – one of the largest distributors of hydraulic components in southern Africa and specialist supplier of products for mobile machinery, has added newly-developed cast iron gear pumps with extended longevity and numerous advantages to its existing range of Salami gear pumps and other hydraulic components.

The newly developed PG331 series is a spheroidal-designed cast iron gear pump with more than 19,000 configurations and four different porting arrangements. It can be supplied in variations of 12 different displacements and has up to five flange mounting styles and seven shaft types. The pump design also allows for standard SAE flanges.

The gear pumps are compact with smaller dimensions achieved by installing the gear set, gear support bushings, and suction and delivery ports within the main body, housed by a front mounting flange and rear cover.

“Competitor models, generally, have larger and longer front and rear housings to accommodate shaft supports which may separate port housings and are therefore less compact,” explains HAW Key Accounts Manager Dries van Wyk.

“This range of pumps can accommodate any engineering design and satisfies a variety of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manufacturing designs.”

Strength, high efficiency and long service in severe operating environments are achieved through the pump’s one-piece drive shaft construction, with a large area, and low friction bushings.

“In addition,” states Van Wyk, “an advanced thrust plate design and high quality machining tolerances optimise performance and high volumetric efficiency throughout the full pressure range. This also allows for excellent axial compensation. Moreover, PG331 gear pumps feature double shaft seals on pumps with reinforced inner shaft seals for motors.”

He adds that performance is optimised – even under high temperatures and low viscosity conditions.

Another advantage of this pump range is their high carbon content and low static discharge capabilities, due to their cast iron make-up. This combination renders them “explosion-proof,” making them the ideal choice for use on underground vehicles and equipment – even those used in fiery mines.

The new PG331 not only matches, but surpasses, other cast iron gear pumps, according to Van Wyk. He says the easy reconfiguration into numerous variations allows HAW to match most other makes of gear pumps in both metric and imperial configurations with drive shafts and porting arrangements in this range.

“We can also add on-board auxiliary valves for priority flow, pressure relief and load sensing applications.” Components used within the gear pump are the same as those used in standard aluminium gear pumps, ensuring permanent availability.

Joining an established international distributorship, which includes France, Spain, North America and China, among others, HAW will distribute Salami’s new PG331 series cast iron gear pumps in South Africa and across sub-Saharan Africa.

The company retains a comprehensive stockholding at its Spartan offices in Johannesburg and conducts assessments and repairs through the Hytec Group. All wear parts, including seals and drive shafts, are held in stock.

“Our large stockholding ensures fast turnaround time from order to delivery,” enthuses van Wyk.

“Single pumps and motors are ready for delivery on the day ordered and the 2, 3 and 4-stage pumps, which require assembly and testing prior to distribution, are ready for delivery the following day.”

HAW is the official authorised sub-Saharan Africa distributor for Salami-manufactured gear pumps, motors and mobile control valves.

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