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Leuze smart camera equipped for measuring

The Leuze LSIS 462i smart camera brings additional functionality to detection applications with its ability to provide accurate measurements. The new measurement function is based on edge scanning and enables the reliable and reproducible detection and measurement of different objects.

This innovative smart camera offers the option of measuring distances and geometric shapes such as circles, lines and edges with high detection reliability, all within a single user interface. It also facilitates Blob analysis and code reading.

The Leuze LSIS 462i camera combines all the required components from image processing to illumination, data storage and interfaces as well as a display for operation and viewing results in one compact unit. A number of standard measurements are available for various applications including contact gap measurement in the electronics industry, tolerance tests and quality assurance in the automotive industry, dimensional accuracy tests in the mechanical engineering sector and specification of label positions and alignment within the beverage industry.

A recent installation at Audi’s A3 vehicle body construction plant in Germany highlighted the flexibility and accuracy of the camera. The camera was able to ensure that, in spite of the great measuring distances, it could recognise bolt holes in the vehicle bodies with absolute certainty, and could simultaneously check multiple holes to minimise the number of devices required.

In addition to type detection, specification of position and location as well as monitoring for presence, completeness and dimension, the Leuze LSIS 462i smart camera is ideal for detecting and evaluating labels at high speed. The camera is able to read printed and directly marked 1D or 2D codes with high levels of reliability, irrespective of contrast or whether the labels are in reflective or inverted form.

Configuration of the camera is simple, using a web-based standard browser. Other notable features are the motor driven focal adjustment and homogenous illumination via free-form surface optics.

The Leuze smart camera range is available from sensor solution specialist, Countapulse Controls. The company is the official representative for Leuze in southern Africa and with its depth of technical expertise is able to assist customers in the selection of the most appropriate sensor for any application.

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