Maintaining Africa’s pumps

An LSA 84 pump being prepared by KSB Pumps and Valves.

According to KSB Pumps and Valves, advanced after sales systems enables the company to maintain a massive fleet of pumps in tip top working condition wherever they have been sold and installed throughout Africa.

No matter the age, make or model of the pumps, as long as it bears the KSB name, the company undertakes to ensure spares and services are available on short notice throughout the continent for the duration of the pump’s life.

Having sold hundreds of thousands of KSB pumps over the past six decades, the important task of supplying after sales services is undeniably one of the most important services offered by the company and is prioritized throughout each division as a result.

According to KSB Pumps and Valves aftermarket sales manager, Andreas Gremels – as a supplier of pumps for important applications such as bulk and municipal water authorities, power stations, petroleum refineries, mines, irrigation schemes and industry – the company has also introduced advanced condition monitoring equipment to assist customers with preventative maintenance and optimization of pump systems.

“KSB’s SES Efficiency System is able to do a complete energy efficiency analysis, detect variations in flow rates, vibrations and other clues that it interprets and analyses in real time to optimize pumping systems and assist with the scheduling of appropriate preventative maintenance to ensure the least disruption on liquid transfer systems, Gremels says.

Simultaneously, field staff and service personnel are able to assist customers with the operation and maintenance of pumps anywhere on African soil. Depending on the size and scope of the pumping operation KSB Pumps are able to make available framework agreements in regards to service, repairs and spares. 

“It is important that we keep the wheels of our customers’ operations running efficiently at all times and for this we maintain a massive stock of spare parts at our Spare Parts Distribution Centre in Germiston. Appropriate stocks are also maintained wherever they may be required throughout our branch and dealer network in Africa,” says Gremels.

“Considering that we have operational pumps that were installed in the early 1950s, our logistics and resource planning systems are highly advanced to enable us to track and measure requirements of our massive customer base as required. Data input by our sales teams is tracked and entered into the system to ensure that spares holding can be accurately allocated for the pump population.”

“All spares for our standard range of pumps are kept on site, while special agreements are put in place with customers who operate any of our specialised pump systems. The services and spares are available for the full range of products offered by KSB Pumps and Valves, including upgrading of pumping systems, pumps, valves and related products,” concludes Gremels.