New electricity substation doubles capacity

CapeTown {ETC}

The brand new R114-million industrial substation in Atlantis will soon provide double the electricity and services for businesses and residents in the area.

After four years of construction, the new substation now brings Atlantis more than double its original energy capacity, from 80 MVA (Mega Volt Amps) to 170 MVA. This is the equivalent of lighting up 10-million light bulbs.

“This new substation also provides a grid connection point for future independent power producers, which is in line with the City’s drive to diversify its energy mix to include renewable energy. Importantly, this also shows our consumers where we spend the money that is received from electricity tariffs,” said Xanthea Limberg, Mayco member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy. About 25% of the income that we make from electricity tariffs goes toward the repair and maintenance of our electricity grid, which includes new substations, power lines and meters; while 10% goes toward the Rates account to help pay for shared services and vulnerable groupings.”

“Lastly, some 65% is allocated to buy electricity from Eskom. While on the one hand we must ensure that we save electricity as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, the City must also ensure that it is able to meet urban growth demand, especially in areas such as the expanding West Coast Corridor.”

The new substation is envisaged to enable commercial and industrial developments in the area and it is essential for the establishment of the Atlantis Special Economic Zone. This area will be used to incentivise investment and spur economic growth, while enabling job creation and enterprise development.




CapeTown {ETC}