New load sensing valve


Hydraulic & Automation Warehouse (HAW) recently introduced the Salami VDP08 load sensing valve to the hydraulic industry. The valve is ideal for a wide range of applications, mainly in the mobile field, where independent flow control of actuators is needed without being affected by load variations, and offers good metering characteristics that provide increased energy saving.

The valve offers a cost-effective solution and is easily retrofitted without having to change mounting specifications. The valve can be used in applications up to 130l/min, and a maximum working pressure of 350bar.

“This sectional directional control valve type has become popular in the industry, owing to the simplicity of the design, high tolerance and ability to function under extreme operating conditions and its excellent controllability. In addition, the many control positioning options available to the operator eliminates the need to add auxiliary components and additional pipe connections,” says Wynand Kellerman, General Manager, HAW.

“In the case of a malfunctioning valve section, the design feature means that only the faulty section needs to be replaced, and this can be done on site without having to remove the entire valve.”

This also means a much more versatile solution that allows users to expand the valve configuration, should the need for more machine functions arise.

The VDP08 load sensing valve can be ordered for use with both variable and fixed displacement pump applications.