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Precise, reliable cable and connections for 50 years

What do an ocean liner, industrial robotics and a Rolling Stones concert have in common? They are all connected by LAPP cabling systems and connectors! The LAPP Group was founded in Germany in 1957 and has become an international manufacturer and supplier of speciality cables and connectors with a product range of more than 40 000 product combinations over a range of eight core products.

The company is represented in 173 countries including South Africa. A family owned business that is now in its third generation, it regards itself as ‘corporate’ but not a corporation, adding traditional family values of honesty and integrity to quality, precision and reliability across its impressive product line up.

Its products are found in virtually every industry and application where low voltage power or data is transmitted; typically where a computer controls machinery be it in a robotic manufacturing facility, a passenger lift of a high rise building, intricate automotive applications such as the BMW i3 electric car or on the sound stage of a pop concert.

“The application of LAPP cabling systems and connectors are truly ubiquitous” explained Alan Liebenberg, LAPP’s South Africa sales and market manager.

“There isn’t an application or industry where we haven’t been able to supply a product to meet the technical or application requirements, be it in an explosive atmosphere or arduous working condition” he said.

“While many know the LAPP name for their cable solutions, fewer are familiar with the range of supporting products such as connectors, glands, protective conduits, marking, specialised tools and chain or drag trays – where LAPP cables interface with pneumatic or hydraulic components.

“To ensure system integrity and reliability cable terminations have to meet the exacting specifications present in the cables themselves, otherwise a weak link is created in the system. This is especially important where a cable system is within a hazardous atmosphere such as in an oil or gas or deep mining environment.

“Explosion proof and connectors that resist abrasion and vibration at both high and low temperatures, or are immersed in water or corrosive liquids are all catered for in the product line up.”

Ölflex power and control cables have evolved from the original LAPP product and are specified for machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control and heating and air conditioning applications.

Unitronic data transmission systems are system solutions for industrial applications. Data-, fieldbus cables, connectors and I / O modules. Etherline is specified for data communication systems for ethernet technology.

Lapp Group offers a complete product range of cables, connectors, assemblies and accessories for network applications. Hitronic are optical fibre cables and data transmission systems with polymer optical fibres (POF), polymer cladded fibres and optical glass fibres (GOF) both single and multimode.

EPIC® Connectors are the reliable connector for industrial applications, safe and removable connection in machine building, control cabinets and in outdoor applications. Skintop cable glands ensure guarantee secure connections every time.

Silvyn protective cable conduit systems and cable carrier systems protect cables from mechanical and chemical stress. Fleximark cable marking products ensure that organisational labels on single cores, cables and control cabinets remain legible for years to come.

A range of high quality speciality tools and cable accessories ensures the perfect installation, comprising connectors, cable ties, shrinking tubing, crimping, binding and cable trolley systems.

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