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Self-erecting crane launched

SA French reports that Manitowoc has launched the Hup 40-30 – the second model from the new Potain Hup range.

According to Jean-Pierre Zaffiro, Global Product Director: Potain, Manitowoc the Hup 40-30 represents a new era in self-erecting cranes, with technologies enabling more versatility than ever before.

“We are at the forefront of self-erecting crane development. We have introduced several new features that will increase speed, efficiency and versatility for our customers,” says Zaffiro.

The Potain Hup 40-30 has a 40m jib and boasts 16 configurations enabling it to be easily adapted for a range of job site applications. The crane has a maximum capacity of 4 tonnes, while it can lift 1 tonne at its jib end of 40m.

As with the Hup 32-27, the new Hup 40-30 features a telescopic mast for a range of working heights. This design boosts the height under hook attainable by the crane to 25,6m in its low position, and 30m when extended to its greatest height. The logistics are also improved, as no extra mast is required to install the crane.

Further versatility is delivered with the crane’s luffing jib that offers three positions: horizontal, 10° and 20°. These options give the crane a height under hook range of 20m to 40m. Shortening or extending the jib is a swift and straightforward operation, with the Hup 40-30 offering convenient configurations for both short and long jib lengths.

Agility on the job site is a key consideration for the new range. The Hup 40-30 has a high-performance slewing radius that allows it to be positioned closer to buildings. With a transport package that is only 14m long when folded, the Hup 40-30 is easy to move from job site to job site.

“Customers will benefit from even greater flexibility and adaptability with these new designs and technologies, enabling them to cover a much wider range of jobs with a single machine.”

Operator efficiency on the Hup 40-30 is maximised through Manitowoc’s remote control unit, which features a large, coloured screen with easy-to-use navigation and optimised ergonomics for operator comfort.

The Smart Setup software delivers on-screen step-by-step information during crane erection and enables automatic folding and unfolding of the crane from the remote.

The Hup 40-30’s hoist unit features Potain’s high performance lifting (HPL) technology delivering impressive lifting speeds.

The high performance slewing (HPS) technology enables load moment optimisation, even as the crane swings. Integrated maintenance warning indicators also support crane maintenance throughout its lifecycle.

Additionally, the Hup 40-30 features a new power control function. With this technology, the crane is able to operate via a wide range of power inputs, including from low-level power supplies.

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