Sykes pumps into South Africa


Integrated Pump Rental has secured the distributorship for the Sykes range of pumps, complementing the company’s existing rental offering by adding this line up of reliable, proven diesel driven units. Sykes pumps are purpose designed and built for the mining, construction, municipal and rental markets. Integrated Pump Rental will also be marketing and selling the range to its customers.

“By becoming the official distributor of the Sykes range of pumps in April, we have significantly boosted our abilities as a pump project rental specialist. By having quality diesel mobile units in our range, we can now offer our customers mobile units that can be used in areas where there is no available electrical power,” Lee Vine, Integrated Pump Rental’s managing director, says.

The company decided to partner with Sykes because of the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) more than 40 years of experience manufacturing quality high performance pumps.

“Sykes is a well-known and respected player in the international pumping industry, while Integrated Pump Rental has built up a solid reputation for being able to supply quality pumping solutions for a range of projects. These synergies mean that both companies will benefit significantly from this partnership,” says Vine.

The Sykes pumps feature cleverly designed automatic priming capabilities based on a Venturi system that can deliver suction lifts of up to 9m. The pumps offer market leading efficiency, are extremely robust and built with a 316SS impeller and wear plates as standard construction, ensuring reliability coupled with versatility.

Vine also notes that the dry running, oil lubricated mechanical seals fitted to the Sykes range allows the pumps to operate under snore conditions and reprime automatically without incurring damage.

Integrated Pump Rental will be offering the OEM’s full range of pumps, including the Low Head (LH), Medium Head (MH), High Head (HH) and Extra High Head (XH) series for handling solids.

Vine says Integrated Pump Rental will focus on growing the Sykes pump range in the South African market, which is still fairly new to the offering, compared to other countries on the continent where the pump range has been operating successfully for many years. These pumps are used in a host of applications ranging from water transfer and pit dewatering through to site cleaning.

Vine reports that the response to the Sykes launch by South African pump users has been phenomenal with many Integrated Pump Rental customers expressing a keen interest in the technology.

Significantly, in order to increase the local content value Integrated Pump Rental will be packaging some of the Sykes range in Johannesburg, Gauteng. This will include local fuel pods, skids and trailers, and Vine says the final package will be very competitive and also ensure excellent flexibility in meeting customer specific requests and lead times.

The combination of quality pumps and a revered name in the local pump rental market can only mean success for both companies in South Africa.