The new Daikin FTXB-C split air conditioning system

Daikin FTXB-C split air conditioning system

Launched in the spring of 2015, the new Daikin FTXB-C Split system is an affordable air conditioning system aimed at homeowners that combines powerful functionality with good looks. Designed and manufactured in Europe, the combination of air-to-air heat pump and wall-mounted indoor unit offers a renewable energy solution, capable of delivering the perfect indoor climate whatever the weather and reducing energy bills at the same time.


Compact and easy to install, the FTXB-C’s high efficiency outdoor air-to-air heat pump achieves excellent energy efficiency, up to A+ rating, and maintains comfort levels by extracting energy from the ambient air to heat the house in winter and reversing the process to extract heat from the indoor air in hotter months.

The FTXB-C’s indoor unit with its wipe-clean flat front panel blends in easily to provide discreet comfort in any setting. Whisper quiet in operation, the new FTXB-C air conditioning system demonstrates the innovation for which Daikin is renowned, harnessing state of the art technology to deliver maximum responsiveness and precise control at a competitive price.

Vertical auto swing louvres ensure efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room with no cold spots, while a turbo mode enables rapid heating or cooling for optimum comfort.

The new Daikin FTXB-C will also appeal to families looking for a pure air supply. A powerful titanium apatite photocatalytic filtering system removes airborne dust particles and absorbs unpleasant smells such as cooking and pet odours to keep the air sweet while filtering out bacteria, viruses and allergens that could affect vulnerable family members.

The FTXB-C air conditioning system is supplied complete with an easy to use infrared remote control with sophisticated functionality that puts users in control. In addition to the turbo mode, the inbuilt ‘comfort’ and ‘vertical swing’ features provide even air distribution with intelligent flow control to avoid cold air draughts. A timer function allows homeowners to programme the unit to start or stop to suit their personal lifestyles and temperature preferences.

The newest addition to the Daikin range of home air conditioners offers a realistic option that will appeal to homeowners and specifiers looking for a solution that delivers on both performance and value.