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Water storage for all needs

Rain Queen Tanks offers various water storage solutions from a few thousand litres to 200 000 litres. Using galvanized corrugated steel it manufacturers tanks that are strong, good looking and customizable to clients water storage requirements.


Rain water tanks for home and business

With diameters from 550mm to 2 200mm and heights up to 2,9m, Rain Queen’s popular sizes are 2 400 litres and 5 000 litres and tanks come standard with 40mm outlet and overflow and a 400mm manhole. Tanks come in two configurations – round or oval. The oval tank known as the Streamline tank is pleasing to the eye and fits flat against a wall, so is useful in alleyways alongside houses where space is limited.

Large tanks with PVC liners

Comprising a corrugated steel outer ring that is made of curved panels bolted together and a PVC liner that is attached to the corrugated ring, these tanks accommodate volumes up to 200 000 litres. Standard heights are 1,5m and 2,2m roof covers can be of shade cloth or corrugated steel. These tanks are an economical storage solution for large volumes and are suitable for factories or warehouses and also a tried and tested solution in agricultural applications for small holdings, nurseries and parks golf courses.

Corrugated steel sleeves

Rain Queen also manufacture corrugated steel sleeves to cover plastic tanks where a large tube is placed around the plastic tank. This gives the traditional corrugated tank look and will also shield the plastic tank from the sun, which will increase the life span of the plastic tank.

Fire tanks

Corrugated steel tanks are available that are fire resistant and useful in fynbos and forest applications where fire damage to tanks is a threat.

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