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Dockyard offers essential maintenance and repair services

Armscor Dockyard is ISO 9001 certified and manages and operates the Naval Dockyard as the South African Navy’s (SAN) third-line maintenance and refitting authority. The Dockyard focuses on repairing, maintaining and supporting submarines, ships and shore-based facilities for the commercial and defence industries. Other services include manufacturing low to medium-precision components through additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.

Why choose us

Dockyard offers a one-stop shop where all requirements for ship repair can be met. Workshop facilities are geared to support a range of vessels of different sizes and different hull structures such as frigates, fishing vessels, submarines, survey boats and yachts. Our dry dock has even accommodated the expeditionary vessel SA Agulhas.

Services offered:

Vessel and Facility Maintenance and Repairs – Dockyard’s workshops are powered by highly skilled and effective personnel who ensure that necessary solutions for the maintenance and repair of vessel hulls, propulsion plants, primary systems, mechanical auxiliary systems, electrical systems, electronic systems, weapon systems, and offshore facilities.

Fabrication Solutions – A wide range of machining services, including turning, milling, boring, honing, and drilling, are provided to enable the production of low- to medium-precision components. Additionally, Armscor Dockyard runs a foundry that facilitates the casting of non-ferrous metals. The chemical cleaning bay (2m2x2m bins), spray booth (13×4.8m), and blast booth can assist parts that need surface preparation (11×6.5m).

Engineering Services – A materials testing facility is part of Armscor Dockyard and provides a variety of services, including corrosion surveys, non-destructive testing, condition-based testing, and metallurgy.


Docking and Carnage Services – The Armscor Dockyard is made up of a deep water port, covered repair sheds, graving dock, and synchro lift, all of which can provide the access needed for maintenance and where equipment must be removed and installed. The site is equipped with 2 sheds where weather critical work can be performed, and includes water and electricity supply for all vessels on the hard.


Tel: +27 21 787 3480


Location: Armscor Dockyard, Colepoint Road, Simon’s Town, Western Cape


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