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Advanced conveyor belt installation and tensioning

MODERN Mining has created a demand to handle longer and wider belts. With less splicing preferred, conveyor belts are shipped in longer lengths and special equipment to handle these is required. Dymot Engineering has developed Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Reelers that can handle narrow to wide belts and are adjustable so that one unit can be used for various belt widths. This is a great advantage for each mine as one unit can service most conveyors on site.

Dymot has also designed and developed a range of belt pulling winches to meet our client’s need to install conveyor belts over extended distances. These winches are based on our take-up winch range, with proven reliability, with the exception that it can accommodate longer pull and operate at faster speeds.

These installation units are a must have to ensure safe and efficient belt installation for both new installations or when replacing belts.

The Belt Reeler units are operated via a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for speed regulation with a Local/Remote feature with either Pendant or Wireless control. The units are skid mounted to be easily moved around on site to different locations.

Available options are:

  • Single Reeler,
  • Dual Reeler,
  • Brake Unit and
  • Storage Stand.

Automatic tension control system

The dual reeler offer torque and speed control with torque setting for controlled pay-out between the two drives.

The modern high speed, large capacity, long length conveyors have created a need for an alternative to Gravity Take-Up Systems for tensioning these high production machines. Dymot Engineering has developed an automatic tension control system specifically for this purpose, the BTS (Belt Tensioning System).

A VFD is incorporated into the system which offers multiple advantages namely:

  • Controlled Starting via VFD.
  • Mechanical Life of Winch and related equipment prolonged.
  • Less Power Consumption as Torque is limited in the Drive.
  • Almost No Brake Wear as the Motor will be held under full Torque at 0Hz when Brake is applied for Parking.
  • Faster Response due to the Winch Active in Start-up – Pre Tension Phase.
  • Tension controlled more precisely – Drive speed automatically adjusts in relation to Torque Level.
  • PID control ensures instant response.
  • Tension Logging in HMI – Trend Graph and csv file.
  • Fault Finding Screens built into HMI.
  • Various Communication Protocols.

Custom designs

Dymot also specialize in bespoke winches which are custom designed and built to client requirements. Its design team and engineers can assist with an engineered solution applicable to individual conveyor design and requirements. It has four full time Qualified Engineers that have successfully passed the Conveyor Design Diploma from the CMA (Conveyor Manufacturers Association of South Africa). Winches are designed to meet speed requirements and can be fitted with High Efficiency Gearboxes for Tension Control, Dual Braking Systems for added safety and Slip Clutch systems for Overload Protection.

Dymot is involved with the majority of mining projects locally and internationally have products in more than 50 countries.

  • For Winch requirements contact Dymot Engineering Company on 011 970 1920 or visit the website at
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