A new generation of technical experts


Pyrotec PackMark offers the very latest labelling, coding and print and apply equipment from our principals – international industry leaders Markem-Imaje, ALTech and Harland Machine Systems. The cutting-edge technology that we provide requires the services of an expert technical team. Fortunately, our new generation of technicians and apprentices are up to the challenge.

We invest heavily in our technicians, selecting only the highest-calibre candidates based on their experience, qualifications and their level of motivation.

Due to our industry being unique, Pyrotec PackMark has a robust training and development programme in place for our technicians and apprentices. They are trained on all our technologies; and they are also sent to our principles overseas for advanced technical product training. This means that when they are called on to install your equipment or deal with a technical issue, they are well-equipped to get your production line up-and-running in good time. This efficient service is also extremely cost-effective for your firm.

In line with the requirements of the smart and connected industrial environment, our new generation of technical staff members are up to speed on the latest technology that supports our equipment. They know how to leverage smartphone and tablet technology to ensure optimal productivity on our clients’ lines.

We only send our technical experts out into the field once they are 100% competent on the equipment. This typically involves up to eight weeks of training for our technicians and two to three years for our apprentices. Our training programme is carefully structured and all learning experiences are well documented and detailed.

Pyrotec PackMark offers a wide range of technical and support services including maintenance, installations, training, service level agreements and advice on which technology is best for your applications.

For more information, send us an email; or for our toll-free, 24/7 technical support helpline, simply call: 0800 202 574.