Consumables that reduce total cost of ownership

Pyrotec PackMark Consumables that reduce total cost of ownership

PYROTEC PackMark provides a full range of superior coding and marking consumables that are based on sound research conducted by its principals’ chemists. These consumables are specially manufactured to work best with the OEM equipment, ensuring durability and long life spans.

Widespread budget constraints may tempt manufacturers to cut consumable costs by opting for cheaper options. However, for coding and marking, choosing cheap options over those that are tried, tested and specifically designed will cost more in the long run.

According to Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager, ‘Although manufacturers may save money initially, the harmful effect these consumables have on expensive printer parts will cost more money in the long term.’ He warns customers not to abandon the slightly more expensive official consumables for less expensive ‘grey’ options.

To assist customers with reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO), Pyrotec PackMark offers an extensive range of consumables for marking and coding all types of primary and secondary packaging.

Features of Pyrotec PackMark’s consumables include:

Performance and reliability

Products that are extensively tested to ensure optimal performance. The entire process, from initial formulation and manufacturing to end-users is carefully monitored.


Depending on the application, Pyrotec PackMark’s principals provide varying technologies using consumables that range from ketone/alcohol/water-based inks and Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks to thermal transfer ribbons. Within each technology, there’s an array of options customers can choose from to meet their branding requirements.

Regulation compliance

Genuine consumables provided by Pyrotec PackMark’s principals comply with industry-specific regulations such as food grade, RoHS, and many others.


On-site application and chemistry support helps customers to pair the correct consumables with the right printer. This means that every application is optimised for customers’ processes.


Every production site is compliant with the best local practices and safety standards, and transportation and manufacturing processes are all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Additionally, packaging ergonomics are designed to enhance operator safety.


Pyrotec PackMark has hazardous substance warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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